The American left are pro-choice on exactly one thing

Via Donald Douglas, I saw this gem concerning Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA):

Boxer: Why doesn’t Hobby Lobby oppose Viagra?
posted at 12:41 pm on March 25, 2014 by Ed Morrissey

Behold one of the most chronically misinformed members of the US Senate surprising utterly no one with the extent of her insight into the Hobby Lobby case.  Barbara Boxer appeared on MSNBC this morning to declare her support for the HHS contraception mandate, claiming at one point that it protects the religious freedom of employees. As Twitchy captured in this segment, Boxer then goes on to challenge Hobby Lobby’s owners for hypocrisy for not opposing insurance coverage of Viagra for men … which even flummoxes Boxer’s MSNBC interviewer:

First and foremost, Viagra (and other erectile-dysfunction drugs and treatments) aren’t widely covered by insurance. That’s one reason why a large online market for inexpensive purchases of the drugs exist. Second, as anyone who gives a moment’s thought about the subject would realize, such drugs would be appropriate to help empower natural procreation, which isn’t against anyone’s religion, last I checked. Lastly, and this is a more minor point, Boxer ignorantly invokes the Catholicism of the plaintiffs in this court hearing, when none of them are actually Catholic.

The religious objection is to contraception and sterilization, and in the Hobby Lobby case, it’s narrowed to a specific kind of contraception — abortifacients. Boxer blithely dismisses the distinction and blathers about the employer taking away the woman’s right to choose her form of contraception — which is nonsense. Just because an employer refuses to subsidize that choice does not mean they are forbidding it or blocking access to it. It’s the same kind of “war on women” double-talk that assumes that employers have total control over the private choices of their employees, when the existence of an independent salary demonstrates the exact opposite. No one gets paid in company scrip any longer, and haven’t for a century or so.

It’s utter drivel, and its source is unsurprising, to say the least.

More at the link.

There are two very important facts which the left are trying to hide here:

  1. If the Supreme Court sides with Hobby Lobby, it would mean that employers would not have to provide health insurance which covered contraception, but employers still could include such coverage if they wished. Some employers might conclude that including contraceptive coverage was a wise idea, in that it might reduce pregnancies among its workers and their families, thus leading to less time off taken by those employees.
  2. If the Supreme Court sides with Hobby Lobby, it would not make contraception unavailable; it would simply mean that employers would not have to provide no-copayment contraception coverage as part of their health insurance plans. As we noted here, even Planned Parenthood has said that birth control pills will run between $15 and $50 a month. Contraception is inexpensive and widely available in this country, and that would not change.

Senator Boxer, as you might expect, didn’t have the first clue that the Obama Administration regulations concerning health insurance don’t require health insurance plans to cover Viagra or other erectile dysfunction drugs, and thus the comparison was worthless. Companies could choose to have their health insurance plans structured to include those medications, just like they could choose, if Hobby Lobby wins, to cover contraceptives, and that’s just fine with me: such is an exercise in liberty. But, of course, the American left are pro-choice on exactly one thing.


  1. Wouldn’t the parallel be a demand by some male dweeb that his access to birth control devices, say condoms, for whatever they are worth, be provided by his employer through insurance?

    Now that would certainly have in the past been too ridiculous to contemplate, and probably remains so for the present.

    Historically, most folks not natural born serviles, would have believed such a man should either be laughed out of town, or if persistent and disruptive enough, dragged to the limits of it and planted face first in a bog. But with all of the feminized males now coming up, and with their taken for granted belief that no one will respond with violence to their overstepping, it probably won’t be long before some worthless twerp makes just such a demand.

    It would not for example be difficult to imagine Pajama Boy getting excited at the prospect of being the first male to morally neuter himself while seeking to make just such a statement. Maybe Pajama Boy does have a place in the society he is trying to create; and maybe Amanda Marcotte needs a living floormat for her bathroom. Not that he would think such a role to be at all beneath him.

  2. Pro-Life has a distinctive and clear definition. It’s clear and concise and no double talk is needed. Whereas Pro-Choice is a perfect description of the Left, no position, no clarity of definition, and you, or the user of this vague term can choose the definition du-jour that fits their thought of the minute. So within a short period of time they can be for or against, or be ambivalent about a pregnancy. Any “choice” is their correct “choice”. Now if they came out and said they were Pro-Death, at least they have taken a definitive stance and are honest as those who are Pro-Life.

  3. Speaking of Pro-Death, some Feminazi on linkedin posted a big celebration of Gorea Sternum’s 80th birthday. Not wishing to let this go unchallenged, I tossed a monkey wrench into the works by posting “All Hail The Abortion Queen”. That should have caused a stir!

  4. Eric, it might also shake them up a bit to find out that in 1959 Gloria Steinem was funded by the CIA to distribute Agency propaganda during the World Youth Festival held that summer in Vienna. Twenty thousand students and young scholars from all over the world converged on Vienna for the three-week festival. Consequently, the CIA wanted an organized student presence in Vienna. The 25 year old Steinem was recently graduated from Smith College and was appointed editor of the CIA’s student newspaper.

    Her well concealed supporters were C.D Jackson and John McCloy. Among other notable activities, Jackson became editor of Life magazine and later bought the Zapruder film, and McCloy served on the Warren Commission.

  5. I always wondered if the Pro-Death crowd would have wished their mothers to have aborted them? Or even if they wished their grandmothers had aborted their mother. It would seem if they truly believe in abortion, there is a lot of self loathing going on in the Pro-Death crowd.

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