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Normally, I have more comentary on these articles, but I’ve been pretty busy today doing absolutely nothing:


  1. Ho hum, Amanda Marcotte hates babies and demands you notice.

    I’d say Miss Marcotte has finally pulled off the phony face mask of “Empowered Feminist Hero” she’s been wearing all these years and revealed the soulless, heartless Feminazi hate machine that lies underneath.

  2. Re The raving Loonatrix of the Left, Amanda Marcotte.

    She writes :

    “No matter how much free day care you throw at women, babies are still time-sucking monsters with their constant neediness “

    “Free daycare” … The stupefying irony of a leftist lunatic indignantly objecting to having part of her life potentially consumed by an energy dependent, time and money sucker …

    Yeah, she’s zealous, alright, and vituperative, in defending – from the unwelcome presence of her own potential offspring – an unfettered option to f**k in any room of her domicile day or night; but, she cannot recognize why someone might not wish to be taxed to the cost of their own offspring, in order to support the Cheetos habit of one of Amanda’s overstuffed social pets.

    That’s why Amanda Marcotte is morally insane as well as what we would normally call crazy.

    Taking bets: How long do you give this nihilist crank before she swallows a Drano cocktail?

    - See more at:

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