The Feminist Empowerment of @Belle_Knox

From Donald Douglas:

Duke University Porn Star Belle Knox Returns to Campus Despite Threats
A news report at ABC, “Porn Star Student Returns to Duke University Campus.”

She says she’s “empowered” by making porn flicks to pay her way through college. Okay, whatever.

And one of the ladies interviewed at the clip says Knox is getting threats for being “assertive.” Yeah, I’m sure.

While we haven’t written about Miriam Weeks, the Duke University freshman who is supposedly paying her $60,000 a year tuition, room and board bill at Duke through acting in barely-legal pornographic films, Robert Stacey Stacy McCain has had several articles on her:

Miss Weeks was “outed” as a porn star going by the stage name of Belle Knox by a fellow Duke student, one who just happened to spend hundreds of dollars every month on his pornography habit, who recognized her. She then decided to try to take control of the story by writing about it herself — though she tried to use a pseudonym, it didn’t last long — claiming that what she was doing was a lot better than waiting tables, which she said she had done, that she loved sex and sex work, and that this was empowering for her.

The esteemed Mr McCain has noted that her story has changed somewhat — basically, she has told a bunch of half-truths about herself — but she has stuck to the story that she likes what she’s doing, and doesn’t care if you like it or not.

But sometimes the truth is told not in words, but in pictures. Miss Weeks had the opportunity to make some money during Duke’s spring break. The website Egotastic had the pictures; they are definitely not safe for work.

Belle Knox got very public at the HeadQuarters strip club in the Big Apple, dancing around in her school girl costume, naturally, and removing her top to flash her ACC All-Star udders. Obviously, there’s much more of Belle to see than this particular show, but I think it’s worth noting that her feminism extends to live work as well. Personally, I’d have rather done porn than a whole bunch of shitty jobs I had to pay for college. Hmm, cleaning clogged toilets in group homes or having paid sex on camera? Belle is much smarter and more merchandisable than I.

How much does Miss Weeks really enjoy her work? Well, your Editor undertook the grim task of copying all of the Egotastic photos from her strip show, and cropping them to make them safe for work on this site, because the truth is told not by her words, but by her face. To insure that we cannot be accused of hiding some information, to press an invalid point, I have reproduced ever photo from her strip scene which shows her face . . . and her expression.

The photos are all different sizes due to the way I cropped them, but, other than that, I have not altered them.

Now, the obvious question is: does this look like a woman who is actually enjoying herself, who is empowered? To me, she looks like she’s pretty much miserable! Sometimes, the truth comes not from what people say, but from how people look. The photos are below the fold; you can judge for yourself.










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