Oh, those Democratic Attorneys General!

Attorney General Kathleen Kane (D-PA)

In the Keystone State, we have the amusing and sad spectacle of Attorney General Kathleen Kane (D-PA) squashing a sting and an investigation into bribery by some members of the Pennsylvania state legislature because, surprise! everyone caught has been a Democrat,1 an action so egregious that even the editors of The Philadelphia Inquirer complained.

And, of course, we have Eric Holder, the Attorney General for the United States, telling state Attorneys General that they do not have to enforce laws with which they disagree, specifically when it comes to the issue of gay marriage, but has also declined to enforce our immigration laws. Jack Conway, the Democratic Attorney General of Kentucky, announced that he would not defend the state’s laws and constitution concerning a ruling that the Bluegrass State must recognize homosexual marriages performed in other states.

Now, look what happened in Delaware, under the administration of Attorney General Beau Biden (D-DE):

Did Rapist Skate Due to DuPont Family Ties Only to Rape Again?
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Sometimes, it takes a few hours to absorb a story. Such is the case here. And here. Go ahead and read. Seriously, I’ll wait.  You have only to read this excerpt from McJournal to get your blood boiling:

A du Pont family heir who received no prison time after pleading guilty to raping his 3-year-old daughter nearly a decade ago faces a lawsuit from his former wife that accuses him of sexually abusing his toddler son.

Robert H. Richards IV, 47, on probation after pleading guilty in 2008 to fourth-degree rape of his daughter, has never been charged with crimes against his son. The lawsuit filed Tuesday in Superior Court provides in-depth details about a child rape case that did not receive media attention and Delaware authorities never disclosed publicly.

And the alleged rapist?:

(Robert) Richards is a scion of two prominent Delaware families – the du Pont family, who built the worldwide chemical empire, and the Richards family, who co-founded the prestigious corporate law firm Richards Layton & Finger. Du Pont family patriarch Irenee du Pont is his great-grandfather. His father, Robert H. Richards III, was a partner in the law firm until his 2008 retirement.

Richards IV is supported by a trust fund and paid $1.8 million for his 5,800-square-foot mansion near Winterthur Museum. He also lists a home in the exclusive North Shores neighborhood near Rehoboth Beach as a residence, according to the state’s sex abuse registry.

So, he pled guilty in 2008 and got probation. For raping his toddler daughter. Let’s see…who was AG in 2008? That’d be Beau Biden, scourge of pathetic old men viewing kiddie porn on their computers.  The guy who has made keeping kids safe from predators his principal (only?) issue. How is it that a child rape case prosecuted by Biden’s office did not receive media attention and Delaware authorities never disclosed (it) publicly?  We get multiple press releases from Biden’s office every week proclaiming that they’ve arrested yet another (passive) degenerate for viewing stuff in the privacy of his own home. Yet, an heir to both the DuPont family fortune and the Richards legal empire gets probation (he pleaded guilty!) for raping a three-year old?

More at the link; emphases in the original. El Somnambulo’s original suffers in one regard: the alleged molestation of his son supposedly occurred between 2005 and 2007, which would place it before his 2008 guilty plea; that makes the article title, asking if Mr Richards raped again after being allowed to “skate” a problem. However, it certainly does ask the right question about how someone who pleaded guilty to raping his three year old daughter ever avoided a long, long prison sentence.

Attorney General Biden’s office sends out routine press releases, noting how vigilant they have been in cracking down on consumers of child pornography, and both the article author and some of the commenters have noted that the Attorney General has been harder on perverts looking at child porn and, it is assumed, masturbating to such than they have been on someone who actually raped a child . . . with the implication that such is the case because the child rapist is wealthy and well-connected. Of course, Mr Biden is running for re-election this year,2 but even if he drew Republican opposition, the denizens of the Delaware Liberal, as outraged as they were in the comments section, would still vote for Mr Biden, even if he was caught on tape taking cash from Robert Richards, before they’d vote for a [shudder!] Republican.

What we have is a rash of Attorneys General, both federal and state, not doing their jobs! It’s widespread enough that the conclusion has become inescapable: you cannot entrust Democrats to do something really radical like enforce the law!

  1. While concomitantly trying to investigate whether the state prosecutors took too long to charge Jerry Sandusky, while they were building their case against him, because Mr Sandusky was so well-connected. She is trying to blame Governor Tom Corbett (R-PA), who was Attorney General when the investigation into Mr Sandusky began.
  2. Despite Mr Biden’s health, which has been an issue recently.

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