Here we go again for the11th, 12th, 13th or whatever #&@^%@# Snowstorm AGAIN

We have some very good friends in Finland. The land of one hour of daylight on “first day” of Winter, and one hour of twi-light on the “first day” of summer. Daylight Savings Time is called “Summer Time”, although theyaverage about 20 hours of daylight from mid May to mid July. During the Winter, it can get cold like a lot of days that highs are -30C (-28F) and get a lot of -40C or -40F (the same). And a lot of snowy days. They get a lot of snow storms, but not very deep snow storms. They are amazed when we get 30inches or 75cm of snow. But this year we’re pushing 5 feet of snow here, or 150cm of snow. I told our friends we got their winter and they got our winter. But, this sunday night into Monday, this is coming. (It never stops. We’re down to less than 5% snow cover or less. But nature this year hates that. :-) )

Now this:
Here we go again

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