1. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. ROFLMAO. Then Putin turns off the energy for Europe and voila! everybody makes nice. Now I know what it was like being a Roman when the Visigoths were coming.

  2. I saw a map of Ukraine split in half. The eastern side was pro-Russia and industrial, and the western side was pro-West and Agriculture. That info is for what it’s worth. Doesn’t much matter except to know whatever happens, we lost it already before we even thought we had a chance. Just think of what the minds of BO-Kerry will not do. Just think of the “reliable” piece partner we’ve become. (Anyone have a spare barfbag from MH-370?)

    [Cynicism is a healthy trait, I think.]

  3. When the old USSR disintegrated, Ukraine gave up its nukes in exchange for solemn pledges from the international community (including Russia) it’s territorial integrity would be respected. Now, Putin’s criminal invasion and occupation of the Crimea and his apparent intention to usurp a much larger portion of Ukraine not only shows how hollow international guarantees really are but also that nations must rely on their own devices to keep invaders at bay. The best defense is and always will be a strong offense, and when big fish get hungry they eat little fish unless the consequences are prohibitive.

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