Rip it up!

One of my high school classmates, a pretty woman but a rip-roarin’ liberal, shared this picture from the Lost Kos:

And my response is, yes, please, please! shred that social contract! Tear it all to pieces! Why should those of us who work hard for a living have the government take food off of our tables to feed people who won’t work?

The social contract to which the esteemed Mr Moyers refers is one which has enabled millions of able-bodied people to sit on their lazy asses, with a roofs over their heads, food on their tables, cars in their driveways, cell phones in their pockets, and cable for their televisions, while the rest of us have to work harder, for less, so that those able-bodied people can keep doing that! The fact that we are basically importing Mexicans to do what are entry-level, low-skill jobs tells us that those able-bodied Americans could work, but won’t work.

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