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Confirmed: Liberals like cats more than conservatives do
Alternate headline: “Time magazine confirms definitively that blogger is a RINO.”

You’ve all let me down. Again.

Lefties prefer dogs too, as you can see, just not as much as righties do. Why is that? The stereotype is that men like dogs while women like cats; men tend to trend Republican while women trend Democratic, so there you go. When PPP polled this last year, though, it found that women preferred dogs 49/22 while men preferred dogs 55/16 — a difference, but not a stark one. Maybe Time’s data is chiefly a byproduct of location, not gender. You’ve got more liberals living in cities, where there’s less space. Apartments are tricky for all but the smallest dogs but they’re fine for even the biggest cats. Taste may be shaped by simple logistics here.

Follow the link for 11 more questions exploring the left/right divide on subjects ranging from messy desks to fusion cuisine. (See if you can guess which side prefers documentaries and which prefers action/adventure. The answer may surprise you won’t surprise you at all.) The most interesting wrinkle is seeing where self-identified libertarians fall on the spectrum. I’m surprised to see them so far above water on whether kids need to learn respect for authority and whether the government should treat its own citizens’ lives as “much more valuable” than foreigners’. A movement that’s reliably pro-Snowden and anti-intervention wouldn’t be as far north of 50 percent on those issues as they are here, I’d have guessed, but maybe that says less about libertarians than about my stereotypes of them.

Pluto, our savage beast cat, watching a bunny in the next yard.    Pluto is a mighty huntress and more than one rabbit has become her lunch.  (Click to enlarge)

Pluto, our savage beast cat, watching a bunny in the next yard. Pluto is a mighty huntress and more than one rabbit has become her lunch. (Click to enlarge)

OK, this one bugs me. Think about the differences between cats and dogs. Dogs are needy and dependent, and if you take off for a day, leaving the dog at home, you are going to come back to a whiny animal who has pooped all over the floor. With cats, you can put in a large litter box and a huge bowl of food and water, leave for four days, and the cat will be fine and your floors unpooped-upon. The cat might want attention from you, but if he doesn’t get it, no big deal. Cats are exactly what we think people should be: self-reliant and independent!

If a domestic cat gets lost or somehow loses its home, as long as he isn’t too old or hasn’t been declawed, he will probably survive on his own just fine; cats are natural hunters, and can adapt to homelessness very quickly and efficiently. If a domestic dog loses his home, he is far more likely to be unable to survive on his own, other than by rooting through garbage cans, and some breeds have had virtually all hunting instinct bred out of them. Simply put, we have domesticated dogs to be liberals, while cats remain conservative.

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