Monuments Men

We saw The Monuments Men today. It was an interesting movie since it was a condensed version because hundreds of troops were involved in this WW2 adventure in real life, and maybe eight were shown as the main characters. It was interesting to see Bill Murray back in uniform after his last time it was in the comedy farce STRIPES. Irony abounded in the movie based on the actors. The lead Character was George Clooney. Clooney has been in a few war movies, but the absolute premise of the movie is 180 degrees opposed to Clooney’s Politics. But the main Premise espoused in the movie was Hilter was stealing other country’s National Treasures, which was the root of a country’s heritage and carting it off to Germany. What the Irony was from Clooney was that you can kill a country’s people, destroy its cities, but to take a Nation’s Heritage away, is to kill the nation.

I heard that, and what popped into my head is the destruction of the foundation of our reason for being the Nation We Were is being steadily and rapidly eroded by BO and his band of Progressives. I don’t know if Clooney saw the Irony, but it hit me like a lead brick.

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