Economics 101: Who didn’t see this coming?

Remember how we were told that the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act would lower health insurance costs due to competition? From The Wall Street Journal:

For Many, Few Health-Plan Choices, High Premiums on Online Exchanges
Analysis Shows Americans in Poorer Counties Have Limited Options on Health-Care Exchanges
By Timothy W Martin and Christopher Weaver | Feb. 12, 2014 7:37 p.m. ET

Donnie McCrary, of Americus, Ga., is enrolled in health insurance that costs about $917 a month. His federal subsidy knocks it down to $182.65. Bryan Anselm for The Wall Street Journal.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans in poorer counties have few choices of health insurers and face high premiums through the online exchanges created by the health-care law, according to an analysis by The Wall Street Journal of offerings in 36 states.

Consumers in 515 counties, spread across 15 states, have only one insurer selling coverage through the online marketplaces, the Journal found. In more than 80% of those counties, the sole insurer is a local Blue Cross & Blue Shield plan. Residents of wealthier, more populated counties in the U.S. receive lower-priced choices than those living in counties with a single insurer.

The White House has said broad participation in the exchanges would help lower health-care costs. On Wednesday, the Obama administration reported about 3.3 million people have signed up for coverage through the online marketplace by January, an increase of more than one million since December, but still with fewer younger Americans than needed to keep down premiums.

Higher participation rates among young adults, as much as 40%, is seen as essential to balance out the higher costs of covering older people for insurers that are already limiting the counties where they offer coverage.

The average price for a 50-year-old American to obtain the cheapest midlevel “silver plan” through—the marketplace operated by the federal government—was $406 in counties with one health insurer, the Journal found. In counties with four insurers, the average price of the cheapest comparable silver plan was $329.

A lot more at the link. But, basically put, the article noted that major health insurers are in business to make money, and that they are taking the actions that they take with that goal in mind.

But, what interests me just as much is the caption that came with the article photograph. If Donnie McCrary is enrolled in health insurance that costs about $917.65 a month, but his federal subsidy knocks it down to $182.65, that means that the taxpayers — that’s you and me! — are paying $735.00 a month, or $8,820.00 per year, for Mr McCrary’s health insurance. Just how many Donnie McCrarys are there out here, and why should the federal government take money that I have worked for, take food off of my table, to pay Blue Cross/ Blue Shield to give Mr McCrary health insurance?

Everything we were were told by the Democrats concerning the PP&ACA was a lie, including “and” and “the.” We told everyone that, but it didn’t matter.


  1. So the rest of us are chipping in our hard earned money to cover the $8,820 McCrary somehow feels entitled not to pay to cover himself. I assume he has a house, a car, a TV, a computer, a cell phone, goes out to dinner occasionally, has a beer, buys his wife a Valentine, but it’s OUR job to buy his insurance. He certainly does not appear to be starving to death.

    Explain to me once again the justification for us to be forced to pay for him. What is the reason the money I would spend on my family is stolen to buy something for him?

  2. I’d be willing to bet Mr. Editor, that if the guys who voted for this shit, like comrade Perry, were personally handed the $8,800 bill things would change in a heart beat. I bet if we drew out $8,800 from Schumer’s account, or Hillary’s, or comrade Obama’s this would come to an abrupt end. Of course if we did that they’d call us thieves and throw us in prison, but when they do it to us it’s “compassion”. Remind me again what the difference is….oh yeah when they steal OUR money it’s compassion.

  3. And the funny thing is Mr. McCrary will be eternally grateful to the Democrats and vote for them life-long for their generosity in paying for his health insurance. When it was we who did the paying, NOT THEM! That’s what I love most about these “welfare rights” folks and all their “angry” people. They never, ever stop ONCE to thank US the taxpayers who support them. In fact they do their best to vote against us and our well being every shot they get.

  4. They never, ever stop ONCE to thank US the taxpayers who support them.

    Great point! One thing you almost never see in a left winger is gratitude of any kind.

  5. Seems while the rest of us peons are digging out from yet more man made global warmingthe King er, president is jetting off to Cali for (ahem) a meeting with the King of Jordan, and some golf, and some dining, and…well you all know the drill. All at Taxpayers expense. But since the lying theif-in-chief had his Valentine’s Day dinner with Moochelle ( of $12,000 dress fame) on February 8th she is off on her own also. Nothing say “President’s Day Weekend like dumping your spouse and having some real fun.

    While he’s jetting off to California at taxpayer’s expense, Investors Business Daily reminds us what he’s leaving behind:

    “The king is going out to California,” Carney announced. He might have been referring to King Abdullah II of Jordan, who is scheduled to meet Obama in Rancho Mirage, but we’re not sure.

    Never mind the House of Representatives had to pass a debt ceiling extension on Tuesday to avoid hitting the limit in two weeks. Never mind that the national debt has increased $6.6 trillion under Obama. Never mind the national debt is $17,263,025,875,604.41.

    Never mind that median household income is 4.4%, or $2,500, less since Obama’s “recovery” began. Never mind that the average health insurance premium has risen $2,500 since ObamaCare became law.

    Never mind that the share of underemployed has climbed to 17.7%. Never mind that the payroll-to-population rate dropped to 42% from 63.5% in January 2010. Never mind that 46.5 million Americans are living in poverty. Never mind that this is the worst recovery in U.S. history.

    Never mind most American families can’t afford to jet off to separate vacations over Presidents Day weekend. Let’s just hope these trips are cheaper than the $100 million sojourn the Obamas took to Africa during sequestration last year, or the quarter-million-dollar “date night” Barack and Michelle enjoyed in New York in 2009.

    But as president, Obama reminded us recently, you “I can do whatever I want.” It’s good to be king.

    Now, I’m sure to the rabid communist, comrade Perry, the above (short list) is no more than “a laundry list of lies” (his words from his site) by radical Republicans but we all know it’s really the “short list” of the current presidential abuses that we REAL Americans have been subject to by these despots. The comrade has run the gamut from a Democrat to a liberal to a progressive to a radical leftist to a marxist and finally arrived at his destination: a full blown anti American, anti freedom communist. Congratulations on your remarkable journey from light into darkness. He is now the poster child for the Incredible Mutating American. From God fearing, freedom loving, rugged individualists to whining, petty, envious, vulgar atheist elitists.

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