He made it home safely

From The Pirate’s Cove:

Welcome To Raleigh Snowmageddon
By William Teach February 12, 2014 – 6:19 pm

Yes, I’m usually kind of lame at responding to comments during the day. That whole work thing, and it being kind of a pain to type that much on an Android. I have a good excuse for today: I left work around 2pm, and walked in my door at 547pm.


I’m actually a bit shaky and feel anxious after that white knuckle drive. Oh, and hungry. No lunch.

The important thing is that he did make it home, safely, even if his normal 30 minute drive took 3¾ hours.

As for me, Winter Storm Pax, as the Weather Channel calls it, hasn’t hit northeastern Pennsylvania yet. Right now, the forecast is for snow to begin around midnight, with 1 to 3 inches of global warming by sunrise, and another 3 to 5 inches during the day; I’m hoping that we’re on the lower end of those predictions.

The good news is that everybody is home, and no one other than me is scheduled to work tomorrow; if the forecast pans out, I won’t go in, either, but will wait until the snow has passed, and then go in to plow the yard. There certainly won’t be an concrete mixers going out tomorrow!

It’s supposed to be a heavier, wetter snow, the kind that brings down power lines. So, we’ve charged up all of the flashlights and Kindles, just in case, but I’m hoping that the sparktricity stays on.

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  1. I haven’t even cleaned up from last weeks mess. My electric went out Wednesday morning and didn’t come back on until Friday night. My home is oil heat but everything else is electric. Of course the oil heat requires a fan so there was no heat and nothing else either. My wife went to Dr. Annie’s in Bala Cynwyd to stay and I went to My friend Cory’s in Bryn Athyn. I came home last Friday and she on Saturday.

    I have huge branches the size of trees themselves all over my lawn and house. A large oak and a very large pine are all over the place including my roof over my living room and it took down the gutter and flashing over my family room and garage. I have one burst pipe in the back yard which I turned off the water to, and a large branch fell in the back of the property landing across my back fence and into the pool cover. All in all I probably have 2-3 grand in damage and clean up none of which I had touched in anticipation of the next storm supposedly hitting us tonight through tomorrow. All of our cars are backed into the garage so we can just drive straight out . So far this winter I forked out $1,050 in snow removal. My check book lies waiting on the family room coffee table for tomorrow. Thank God my snow guy is very reliable. I hope you guys do okay in this next storm.

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