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I have a Master of Arts degree in Womens Studies. However, the only job I can find is as a bartender at a local restaurant. I owe over 60K in Student unintelligible loans. I am forced to rely on foodstamps and W.I.C to support my son. Is this the “American Dream’ I worked so hard for? I am the 99 percent

Now, setting aside the fact that she ought to have known that a Master of Arts in Women’s Studies qualifies you for very, very little — I don’t think that the universities can support as many Women’s Studies professorships as they have Women’s Studies graduates — the fact is that she has found a job. It’s obviously not the job that she wanted, but it’s a job.

Well, guess what? I didn’t get the job that I wanted coming out of college, either! I never anticipated that I’d wind up running concrete plants. But I am successful today because I don’t mope about the fact that I don’t have that dream job I figured I’d get. I show up for work, on time — early, actually — every day. I have survived the bad times in this industry, survived periods when other people, some of them senior to me, were getting laid off, because there was never any doubt that I would show up for work the next morning, and that I’d do my job, and do it well.

Now, I don’t know why the young lady in the picture hasn’t been able to get a better job. Perhaps she doesn’t really present herself well in interviews — at least this photograph doesn’t cast her in the best light — or perhaps she is whiny, or perhaps she really doesn’t try hard enough in interviews for jobs that aren’t her dream job. But she does have a job now, and every day you are on the job is the interview for the next job! If she’s “just” a bartender now, well the restaurant business is a pretty transient one, and the odds are that first-level management jobs will open up. Can she help with scheduling? Can she manage other people? Can she do the books? She has a Masters degree, so she can’t be stupid; it’s a question of being willing to apply yourself.

However, there is one point to be made. If you ran a business, and were looking to hire someone, and an applicant put on her résumé that she had a Master of Arts in Women’s Studies, would you ever consider hiring her if the position didn’t require that type of degree? To me, I’d see an applicant like that as trouble on two legs, someone who would look at everything as a possibly sexist situation, and be looking to file labor board or EEOC complaints. An application like hers would go straight in the trash can, because there are always other qualified applicants who wouldn’t reek of trouble.

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