All Hail Caesar – Ruling Now By EDICT

When BO ran in 2008 his rhetoric had all the sounds of a would be Dictator. Over the years I feel more positive about my fears. His armiration of Chavez was shown in a tweet while on his way back from a Lisbon conference he “joked” (real knee slapper)to the news section in the plane about having the pilot turn ago go to Venezuala.

Obama’s Joke About Going To Visit Hugo Chavez Doesn’t Go Over Very Well

There are other examples such as his unilateral changes to ObummerCare, edict in the form of “Executive Orders) OOOOOPS Edicts. Now All Hail Caesar Obama since he has declared:
‘I’ve got a pen, and I’ve got a phone’: Obama threatens to bypass embattled Congress with bully pulpit executive actions on economy

With a Pen and Phone Obama Could Confiscate Your Money
Posted 5 hours ago by Gary DeMar

The economy is not reviving, but Obama’s pen and phone strategy could solve the economic malaise. Yes, there are some sectors that are doing well. But across the board the economy is struggling. Tens of millions of Americans are no longer in the work force. Black youth unemployment is at record levels.
Obama believes that government management of the economy is the solution:

“Calling for ‘all hands on deck’ to assist the economy, President Barack Obama is urging his Cabinet to identify ways to keep his administration relevant to people struggling in the up-and-down recovery.”

Contrary to what liberals think, Barack Obama is not god. Billions of economic decisions are made every day around the world. These very personal economic decisions cannot be managed. When politicians, tyrants, and kings try to do it, they kill the geese that lay the golden eggs.



    What Does BO Mean by This Statement???
    Posted by Yorkshire on 27 August 2009, 7:25 pm

    On July 2, 2008 BO said during the campaign:
    We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.

    A Militia? An Army to skirt Posse Commitatus? A Super Police Force? What?

    Question – Revised
    Posted by Yorkshire on 27 October 2008, 6:31 pm
    Sometimes I think of something, write, and miss the obvious. My Bad. So, to restate the question: Can anyone name a person that has had an Influence on BO’s life that doesn’t have some radical past, other than most of his immediate family?

    Posted by Yorkshire on 26 October 2008, 9:09 pm
    Can anyone name a person, or group in BO’s past, other than most of his immediate family, that doesn’t have some radical past?

  2. Face the facts. The Demofascist Party and its client class will never stop sucking at your life until they are stopped. They have staked a morally beyond-the-pale, social-contract breaking, and open-ended claim on the very substance of your life.

    How edified men eventually decide to respond to this move by human subversives who are obviously not fitted by nature or temperament for a life of freedom and self-direction and who would deny it to everyone else as well, remains to be seen.

    They have been talking for years about their essentially totalitarian plans. Now they are unapologetically attempting to implement them, and relying on the inhibitions of edified mankind to enable them to get away with it.

    I’m going to admit that I really don’t have a happy solution to this problem – the problem of when your neighbors become ravenous moral shit, and demand that you join them in the cesspit they enjoy wallowing in.

    It’s a difficult problem, this dealing with boundary-less beings who leverage the moral values and the ethical inhibitions of their intended victims back against them.

    All rhetoric aside we may be in for some tough sledding and very, very, difficult existential choices. Choices that will tax, and possibly shatter all that we have been taught to assume and believe about the nature of these others.

    What do you do when they, refusing to cease, refusing to relent, push their unceasing demands to the point when you would be clearly better off if they simply were not there?

  3. Those of us with the means will run, some of us will fight where we stand with what we have, and some of us will be herded to Obama’s killing fields to meet the same fate as Pol Pot’s Cambodians.

  4. I’m going to admit that I really don’t have a happy solution to this problem

    The “Happy Solution” is to start fighting back! Stop taking the Neville Chamberlain approach and use the Winston Churchill approach instead. And it starts by never, ever allowing a left winger to claim the moral high ground, as so many “Well meaning” conservatives routinely do.

  5. I have never seen such a Clueless Narcissistic bunch of drones out in the public as has been in the last few years. I Cringe everytime Leno does Jaywalking and see some of the dumbass dolts that live and breed around us. There was an email showing totally lost and clueless people ready to sign petitions to abolish various amendments without a clue what they are or meant. We have a trained cadre of STOOOOPID people who are akin to Pavlove’s dogs who hear a bell ring and immediately stick their hand out. Time to look for a cabin in the woods in North Dakota. It is Depressing.

  6. Herr Dictator wants to improve the economy. 1. To rule by decree, he can’t have Capitalists running around being independent minded and feeling free of Government Shackles on their Financial Life; 2. It is Anathnema to his Socialist/ Communist/ Progressive Training to institute the breaking of shackles and institute a tax cut. Taxes makes us slaves.

  7. On “The FIVE” tonight Bob Liberal/Progressive said he never hear about this six year old BO Promise/Threat that IS happening:

    Obama Advances Plan to “Bankrupt” Coal Industry With New CO2 Limits

    EPA will enforce disastrous measures by dictatorial fiat

    Paul Joseph Watson
    Tuesday, March 27, 2012

    Barack Obama’s 2008 promise to “bankrupt” the coal industry is now coming to fruition with the EPA’s announcement of crippling CO2 emission limits on new plants that will effectively block the building of any new coal plants in the United States, accelerating the move towards total deindustrialization.

    More here and video of BO Saying this:

    More PROOF BO does NOT want economic recovery, unless it’s by his EDICT

  8. You’re missing the point Yorkshire. The libturds never intended to defend anything. Their only plan was to “fundamentally transform” America. In other words, to destroy the constitutional republic and private enterprise and replace it with a Marxist state.

    They never wanted us governed, they wanted us ruled.
    After all guys like you and I are just dumb rubes who need the divine guidance of those so much more brilliant than ourselves. Ask comrade Perry.

  9. Hoagie writes:

    “You’re missing the point Yorkshire. The libturds never intended to defend anything. Their only plan was to “fundamentally transform” America.”

    That’s an important point Hoagie. It’s a point that anyone who is familiar with the details of leftist ideology or who was a close observer of their agendas back in the day, would recognize as true.

    As a matter of fact you have perceptively reproduced a near quote of Karl Marx’s from the Theses on Feuerbach.

    As you grasp, the leftist sees the core of human reality as unconscious, and blindly appetitive, rather than rational or ethical. There is no universally applicable and morally incumbent standard to abide in their view. It follows then from that assumption that prescriptive statements are based merely on expressions of personal or collective will, motivated by sub-moral or morally neutral desires or impulses.

    Therefore, a debate of the kind Yorkshire invites, one which supposedly arbitrates who is best living up to an objective standard of human good, is no part of their agenda, since they do not admit in the first place that there are objective human standards which are found or discovered, but only appetites of various kinds – and which exist to varying degrees in different populations, and which are either accommodated or frustrated.

    Hypocrisy? Shrug. Cynical rhetorical insincerity? Shrug. Deceit, subversion, betrayal, coercion, homicide? You know the response.

    I have mentioned a few times in the past (as have many others I am sure) that arguments with leftists invariable degenerate into ad hominem exchanges after the most superficial levels of analysis and justification have been delved past.

    That is, if we think about it for a moment, only to be expected of them, since for them, there is NO DEEPER standard to advert to than their wants or tastes, which they conceive of as the product of blind evolution – or if they are feeling conceited, as the highest manifestation of an emergent process featuring themselves in starring roles.

    That is why, unfortunately, Dana’s ambition to have a civil dialog with a leftist about really core matters will never come to fruition. There is nothing to discuss or arbitrate when it comes, as Art Downs characterized it, as a matter of taste. They like borscht, therefore you shall pay for it. Simple as that.

    If you don’t want what they want, it is because you are a throwback … If you do not need them as they need you, it is because you are an older insufficiently social and sensitive type. If you are not willing to lay down for their benefit, it is because you are stupidly selfish and do not comprehend the plan of the blind and mindless god of evolution who has produced his finest work in them.

    There is nothing really left to say but that you’re a “Neanderthal”, or left to do but to make you submit to their overlordship.

    Do we all get it by now? I think we do.

  10. Don’t do that to me DNW. By the time I read down to point #10:

    The standpoint of the old materialism is civil society; the standpoint of the new is human society or social humanity.

    I wanted to put a gun in my mouth.
    Karl Marx was a seriously broken human being.

  11. Karl Marx was pure evil. And an outstanding liar.

    As for your other point:

    Okay Eric, I’m in. I’m fighting back the only legal way I know of: by voting. If you’ve got more ways tell me.

    The best advice I can offer right now is to ALWAYS STAY ON THE OFFENSIVE. Never let a left winger claim the moral high ground, or any other high ground. Never let a left winger put you on the defensive. Proudly assert that YOU stand for freedom while they stand for collectivism. Remember how DNW used to drive Perry nuts by calling him a “Soulless bag of appetite”? Perry resented the “Soulless” label, never mind he had just agreed with Pho that humans had no such thing as a “Soul”. Remember how Pho got mad when I stated that he supported the same economic system as existed in East Germany and North Korea? In other words, when dealing with left wingers, the operant strategy is – Attack, Attack, Attack!!!

  12. “I wanted to put a gun in my mouth.
    Karl Marx was a seriously broken human being.”

    Yeah, he was a malevolent submoral piece of shit who should have been punched to death in retaliation for all the murders he encouraged. Too bad there was no one there to do it at the time. Course it’s not as if lefties actually have the courage to walk up to construction workers or cowboys, get in their faces and say “you will serve me”. Image that purse carrying terrorist and sack of murderous flaccidity Bill Ayers, trying to pull a stunt like that. Then imagine him laying in the street with people stepping indifferently over his Maoist corpse.

    The leftist male runs to type.

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