My darling bride wanted to watch the Tournament of Roses parade . . .

. . . but I had to get up and leave the television in disgust. Not only is there supposed to be a same-sex “marriage” being performed on a parade float,1 but there is a health insurance company (which I decline to name, to avoid giving them any additional publicity, little though it might be) advertising policies on their individual exchange, with a (supposed) waitress telling us that she didn’t have insurance through her (supposedly) low-paying job, but yes, she was able to get a health insurance plan, for her family, and, thanks to financial assistance,2 her health insurance costs her less than a dollar a day.

Well, given that the average employer-based health insurance policy costs $16,351 per year,3 that means that the “waitress” is being subsidized something on the order of $16,000 a year, from my taxes!

Every one of us who works for a living and has to pay taxes is having to contribute money to this (fictitious) waitress’ health insurance plan. Can you see why I am so disgusted?

  1. If it actually happened, I didn’t see it.
  2. The commercial does not specifically say government financial assistance, but that’s what it means.
  3. The Kaiser Family Foundation stated that, in 2013, the average cost of employer-provided health insurance was $16,351, of which the employer’s share was $11,786, and the employee’s share was $4,565.

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