For the left, it’s more important to be anti-Israel than liberal


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Tenured radicals cannot be trusted with our academic freedom
Posted by    Tuesday, December 10, 2013 at 11:00am

The anti-Israel Boycott Divest and Sanction (BDS) movement is a frequent focus here because it embodies so much of the pathology of the Leftist-Islamist anti-Israel coalition.

While disavowing anti-Semitism, BDS singles out and holds only Israel to standards not applied much less met by any other country in the Middle East or Muslim world.  Israel, and Israel alone, is put under a microscope and each defect found turned into grossly exaggerated and often outright false claims of racism, Apartheid, colonialism and so on.  Only Israeli academics and institutions are subjected to boycott even though by any objective standard non-Jews are far more free academically and otherwise in Israel than non-Muslims are in the Muslim world.

We also witness the bizarre self-parody of LGBT and Women’s rights groups siding with Islamists who hate LGBT and women’s rights, all in the cause of BDS.  There is a sickness beyond reason behind BDS, as witnessed by the BDS claim that Israeli soldiers failing to rape Arab women is racist and open support for Hezbollah as part of the BDS campaign.

BDS and anti-Semitism go hand-in-hand, particularly in Europe. There is a thin line between organizing abusive disruptions of speeches, concerts and lectures by Israelis and throwing the punch or thrusting the knife.  That thin line has been breached in Europe, as harsh demonization of everything Israeli stokes and promotes anti-Semitic violence by Muslims to the silence or tacit endorsement of the European Left.

The rhetoric emanating from BDS supporters in the U.S. also is so extreme that even some harsh left-wing critics of Israeli policies have dared call it was it is.  It is no surprise that strong BDS supporters like Roger Waters of Pink Floyd conflate criticism of Israel and Jews, and BDS campus activists in South Africa sang “shoot the Jew.”

BDS, because of the façade of supporting Palestinian “civil society,” is in vogue in many corners of American academia. Those academics stand apart from the U.S. population, where support for Israel is at historic highs.

More at Professor Jacobson’s original, where he reviews that rather sadly humorous problem of tenured professors proclaiming their absolute academic freedom seeking to restrict the academic freedom of others.

But what amuses me more was noted in the portions I quoted above: in their lust — and I believe that is the right word — to be anti-Israel, the feminists and homosexual activists are siding against a country in which they are free to express themselves pretty much any way that they want, and live any way that they wish, and allying themselves with people who would treat women as second-class citizens — if that high; the Taliban, when in power, prohibited the education of girls entirely — and would hang homosexuals by the neck until dead.1 Our leftists very much support the actions against Israel, in support of the oh-so-noble Palestinians, who would have nothing to do with their leftist views were they living under Palestinian rule. Freedom of religion? Not under Arab rule! Freedom of speech? Say the wrong thing, and you can be beaten or arrested or jailed or even executed! Freedom of assembly? Perhaps they ought to ask the Egyptians. The right to privacy, freedom from unreasonable searches and self-incrimination? Those things don’t exist in the Islamic states. And, of course, the Holy Grail for the American left, abortion, is against both Muslim and civil laws.

Is Israel perfect? No, not by any means; no country is. And I understand the almost reflexive sympathy for the underdog that some people have, even though it is wholly misplaced when it comes to the Palestinians. But I simply cannot grasp how people can be so opposed to a free, liberal democracy in which the freedoms that they personally choose to exercise are guaranteed, and rally in support of another people who would almost completely restrict those freedoms and, in some cases, just flat kill them for being who they are. They are deliberately choosing to side against people who are far more like themselves, politically and intellectually, and with people who are completely alien to them and have no respect for their views or their wishes or their lives. That is stupidity on an amazing scale, and much of it demonstrated by people who are (purportedly, on paper) highly educated.

  1. Most countries which use hanging as a form of execution, use a “drop” method, in which the condemned man’s neck is broken and he loses consciousness and dies almost immediately. In Iran, cranes are used, to lift the condemned, so that they are conscious as they are strangled to death.

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