The smartest, best informed, best named and best looking lady on Fox News can cook, too!


  1. Skim the floating fat, add some green beans, and chunk and dust your beef in AP flour before browning and it won’t turn into a stringy mess. Your efforts will be rewarded, you’ll have a much better meal.

  2. If you “freeking” made that you need to try again. First off that watery, oily soup could have been made into a tasty gravy if you’d used ropelight’s suggestion and coated the meat in flour seasoned with salt and pepper before browning. Secondly, cut the meat across the grain that way it won’t be stringy. I’d give it a “C” and I’m sure you would not be happy if that were served to you in a restaurant. I wouldn’t. Don’t quit your day job.

  3. It looks like a pot roast to me. The twitpic apparently got 29,000 likes, and was a topic on The Five this evening; Mrs Perino just threw everything together in a crock pot.

    Now, as for Mrs Perino, she is married to a gentleman by the name of Peter McMahon. However, she goes by her maiden name professionally. Is she to be referred to as Miss Perino (which would imply that she was never married), Mrs Perino, or Mrs McMahon? It is, of course, a violation of both The First Street Journal’s Official Stylebook and the Laws of God to use that abomination unto the Lord “honorific” Ms.

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