Global Warming, Minnesota Style … Brrrr!

As I type this, it is now 13 degrees below zero. And it’s still early December, several weeks away from the “Official” start of winter! We don’t normally get these temperatures until mid-January.

Yeah, Global Warming is real (snort!)


  1. It’s 10° on the Oklahoma-Arkansas border right now and we have several inches of ice and snow. We never get this kind of weather until late January and February. Thank you global warming.

  2. What a lovely winter scene in an unquestionably conservative Oklahoma neighborhood.

    What kind of driver would park her car sideways on her driveway, though? She is either a truly gifted driver who wanted to be sure her red car was properly displayed as part of her Christmas decorations…or she is a HORRID snow and ice driver who NEVER should have attempted to back out of her garage when snow and ice covered the ground….let alone put other drivers at risk by even THINKING of driving on the streets.

    I have it on REALLY good authority that the HORRID snow and ice driver in question was rescued by her kind neighbor, a former OU football player with a really BIG shovel, so her bright red temporary “Christmas display” is now back inside her garage where it will stay until more typical warmer weather returns.

  3. THe weather outside is frightful……….. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. And we’re allegedly getting some Sunday. Thank you Glowball Warming. Hey Al, feeling Stoooopid yet? And I hope a foot drops in the vicinity of 15th & Constitution NW in Worshingtun Disease.

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