Steam Engines and History

Nearby where we live is the Borough of New Freedom. Rural Pennsylvania is slowly emerging from the 19th Century in its way of governing. Very few counties have home rule, most of the counties are split into little fiefdoms as a holdover from the Penn Family. York County has around 70+ separately governed local municipalities and school districts and each has taxing authority. Physically the county has a border and Supervisors, then the county is broken into either Cities, Boroughs and Townships. Each type has limits but you pay County taxes, and depending where you live you would apy either a city, Borough or Township taxes, and separately we have school taxes.

But anyway, to not be confused, it helps to live here. But I digressed. York County was a busy railroad corridor from the invention of the railroad until 1972 when Hurricane Agnes took out bridges between York City and Baltimore. Pennsylvania retained its track, Maryland ripped their’s out. But in the 90’s a company started a Dinner train. It went well for a while, mismanaged and closed.

At the beginning of this summer, a new group redid the rails and ties, had a Steam Engine vintage 1860’s built and started excursions. Their main operating points are from New Freedom, Pa to and unincorporated location called Hanover Junction. The junction had one important role in history.

In November 1863, Lincoln switched trains from Washington to Gettysburg to deliver the Gettysburg Address dedicating the National Cemetery there.
1 - Brady

This weekend, Steam Into History, the Steam Engine owner commeorated a stolen train event from Georgia during the Civil War

And a Recreation of the Golden Spike at Promotory Pt, Utah for the transcontinental RR today (Tuesday)


And Wednesday there will be recreation of the Brady Photo at Hanover Junction with the steam engine, and the original building still is there.

Brady picture – Library of Congress – the other two are mine. and the color pics are the two steam engines – mine also


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