Only In Maryland

When I read the Title of this article, I said to myself, this happened in the Anti-Gun, Anti-Self Defese State. You fire a gun in self defense, you’re GUILTY no matter the circumstances. It’s why I’m in PA. It was MD, but it’s near the end of the article. But intuition won.

Air Force Sgt. Matt Pinkerton Fires 2 Fatal Shots at Home Intruder – Now Faces 2nd Degree Murder Charge

In the wee hours of the morning on September 13th, Air Force Sgt. Matt Pinkerton and his wife were entertaining guests at their home when an acquaintance of Mrs. Pinkerton’s came knocking.

It was 2 AM. After being told to leave by Matt Pinkerton, who closed the door, Kendall Green decided that he’d kick it in and force his way into the home.

Matt Pinkerton, having armed himself with his Glock17 9mm prior to approaching the door, then proceeded to discharge two rounds into Green.

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