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When I read the Title of this article, I said to myself, this happened in the Anti-Gun, Anti-Self Defese State. You fire a gun in self defense, you’re GUILTY no matter the circumstances. It’s why I’m in PA. It was MD, but it’s near the end of the article. But intuition won.

Air Force Sgt. Matt Pinkerton Fires 2 Fatal Shots at Home Intruder – Now Faces 2nd Degree Murder Charge

In the wee hours of the morning on September 13th, Air Force Sgt. Matt Pinkerton and his wife were entertaining guests at their home when an acquaintance of Mrs. Pinkerton’s came knocking.

It was 2 AM. After being told to leave by Matt Pinkerton, who closed the door, Kendall Green decided that he’d kick it in and force his way into the home.

Matt Pinkerton, having armed himself with his Glock17 9mm prior to approaching the door, then proceeded to discharge two rounds into Green.

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  1. Several observations come immediately to mind:

    2AM In the wee hours of the morning on September 13th is rather late to be entertaining friends (how many) at home. September 13 was Friday before Yom Kippur, so if linked reports are correct about the timeline, the party carried over from Thursday night which is awfully late to be entertaining on a school night. Pinkerton is pictured at the link with two school age sons.

    Without endorsing the DA’s charges, Matt Pinkerton should be called to explain why he armed himself prior to answering a knock at the door. Did Pinkerton already know, or suspect, who was there? Had Kendall Green made threats, stalked Mrs Pinkerton, called or texted before arriving on the Pinkerton’s doorstep? Had Green attempted to aggressively impose on Pinkerton social gatherings previously?

    Since Matt’s brother Mike was a guest at the party couldn’t the two of them (and possibly others) have subdued Green and called the cops? What compelled Matt’s immediate resort to firearms? In the linked picture of Matt with his sons, he looks well able to handle himself.

    Now, again, I’m not endorsing the DA’s charges, and his focus on the lack of a prior 911 call is an affront to reason if Pinkerton had no advance warning Green was soon to arrive. But if Green had signaled his intentions then the DA’s questions make more sense and well might indicate why Pinkerton armed himself prior to answering the door.

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