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From Karen, the Loneliest of Conservatives:

Congress Denied Access To Benghazi Survivors
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The cover up continues. The State Department and the DOJ are blocking Congress from having access to survivors of the Benghazi attack. They blame it on the ongoing investigation,

The Justice and State departments are now citing a year-old FBI investigation and a future criminal prosecution to block access to survivors of last year’s Benghazi terror attack.

In an Oct. 28 letter to Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.,the State Department’s Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs, Julia Frifield, refers to “significant risks” and “serious concerns about having the survivors of the attack submit to additional interviews.”

Graham has been asking since last year for the FBI’s transcripts of interviews with State Department and CIA survivors who were evacuated to Germany after the Sep.11 attack on the U.S. consulate.

He and other Republicans believe the transcripts will show the survivors told the FBI it was a terrorist attack and made no mention of a video or anti-U.S. demonstration at the consulate.

This intelligence was  likely available to the president, his national security team and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, who five days after the assault blamed it on an anti-U.S. demonstration and inflammatory video. (Read More)

If they’re so concerned about the investigation why is the main suspect able to have coffee with reporters? It doesn’t sound like he’s too fearful of being caught and brought to justice.

More at the link. As Robert Stacey Stacy McCain — to whom I owe a hat-tip for the link to Karen’s article — noted:

This is a very familiar method of truth-suppression in D.C.: “I can’t comment because of the ongoing investigation.” Understand that when the federal government is investigating the federal government, denying information to Congress is a de facto cover-up.

Remember: Mr McCain was a professional Washington reporter, for the Washington Times, in a past life, and he has seen this kind of thing before.

Both Karen and Stacey Stacy cited the following story, from the Washington Times:

Two U.S. commandos fought in Benghazi rescue, privately honored for valor
Two out of eight in Tripoli sent to rescue, honored for valor
By Rowan Scarborough

Masked from public view, two of the U.S. military’s elite special operations commandos have been awarded medals for bravery for a mission that further undercuts the Obama administration’s original story about the Benghazi tragedy.

For months, administration officials have claimed no special operations forces were dispatched from outside Libya to Benghazi during the Sept. 11, 2012, al Qaeda terrorist attacks on the U.S. diplomatic mission and CIA annex because none was within range.

The Pentagon, under intense public criticism for not coming to the aid of besieged Americans, published an official timeline in November that carefully danced around the issue.

It said time and distance prevented any commandos outside Libya from reaching a CIA compound under attack. The timeline disclosed that a reinforcement flight 400 miles away in Tripoli contained two “DoD personnel” but did not describe who they were. Later, the official State Department report on Benghazi said they were “two U.S. military personnel” — but provided no other details. It made no mention of special operations forces.

More at the link.

This story, if confirmed, is actually less damaging to President Obama and his inept Administration than what we had heard before. I had stated previously that the thing to do, immediately, was to get troops on the way to Benghazi, without waiting for confirmation, without waiting for all of the facts, because it wasn’t a short trip; if information developed between the time that the forces were dispatched and they reached the site of the attack, they could always be called off. That part never happened, which was a complete failure on the part of the President, of Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, but now we are learning that there was a small American force on the ground at the time. Mr Scarborough again:

(A) unit of eight special operators — mostly Delta Force and Green Beret members — were in Tripoli the night of the attack, on a counterterrorism mission that involved capturing weapons and wanted terrorists from the streets and helping train Libyan forces.

When word of the Benghazi attack surfaced, two members of that military unit volunteered to be dispatched along with five private security contractors on a hastily arranged flight from Tripoli to rescue Americans in danger, the sources said, speaking only on the condition of anonymity because the special operations forces’ existence inside Libya was secret.

The two special operations forces arrived in time to engage in the final, ferocious firefight between the terrorists and Americans holed up in the CIA annex near the ill-fated diplomatic mission in Benghazi, the sources added.

Now, I have to wonder: why was this a volunteer mission? There were eight “special operators” in country at the time, and there was a special flight arranged which got some people to the site; why weren’t the other six Green Berets/Delta Force operatives also sent on the way?

OK, maybe it isn’t less damaging to the President and his minions; no one had the cojones and judgement to get the rest of the team involved.

Could those other six Green Berets/Delta Force operatives have changed the outcome? There’s no way to know. We know the whole thing was a huge failure on the part of the President and his people, but failure is inevitable if you don’t at least try to succeed.

There are reasons why I have said that Barack Hussein Obama is the worst President in my lifetime — and my lifetime includes Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter — and the inept, and fatal, lack of initiative and response to the attacks in Benghazi is just one of them.

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