The mark of a liar

First, the obvious: not every problem does or should reach the President’s desk, and not every decision can be or should be a Presidential decision. But if this problem didn’t reach the President’s desk, someone should become eligible for unemployment compensation:

Sebelius: Obama did not know about glitches before rollout
By Matthew DeLuca, Staff Writer, NBC News

Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services

President Barack Obama did not know about’s technical woes until after the flawed health insurance website was launched three weeks ago, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said Tuesday.The president was made aware of the glitches as people reported problems “in the first couple of days” in the rollout of the site designed to help people access healthcare as part of the Affordable Care Act, Sebelius said in an interview with CNN that aired on Tuesday night.

Some Americans that the website has been anything but stress-free since open-enrollment launched on Oct. 1, and one survey found that only about 20 percent of people who tried to log onto government-run marketplaces including were able to do so without any technical bungles.

Users have gotten error messages, the Spanish-language version of the site has been delayed, and the government contract for the U.S. division of Canadian company CGI has tripled in cost. A June report from the Government Accountability Office warned that the website might not be ready for primetime due to a flurry of last-minute changes.

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Now, we are being told by the Secretary of Health and Human Services, someone with 4½ years of responsible experience in that post, and someone who was Governor of Kansas for six years prior to that, is the daughter of another Governor, and who has a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Kansas, somehow didn’t realize that, with the President who appointed her facing a major political battle with the Republicans over defunding Obaminablecare, he ought to be informed about a looming major problem with the program on which he was expending so much energy and political capital to defend. And we are also being told, by implication, that either that the President didn’t ask about the state of the program, or he did ask and his subordinates lied to him.

It isn’t even a plausible lie, because, as Robert Stacey Stacy McCain noted:

Let’s call this what it is: A deliberate lie. Jeff Dunetz points out that concerns with the ObamaCare site made headlines in August:

Back in August the Health and Human Services Inspector General issued a report dealing concerns that the Obamacare website was months behind in testing. . . .

As reported by Reuters on August 6th:

. . . “They’ve removed their margin for error,” said Deven McGraw, director of the health privacy project at the non-profit Center for Democracy & Technology. “There is huge pressure to get (the exchanges) up and running on time, but if there is a security incident they are done. It would be a complete disaster from a PR viewpoint.”

Read the whole thing and be sure to hit Jeff’s tip jar. The entire ethos of Obama is about blame-shifting to avoid responsibility.

Now, unless President Obama is planning to suspend the 22nd Amendment and take a third term in office, he’s done on January 20, 2017; he can’t run for office again, so why have a subordinate tell a deliberate lie to try to shirk the responsibility? Heck, he could have said, “Yeah, I knew about it, but I didn’t want to give those scumbag Republicans any extra ammunition, and we kicked their sorry butts, didn’t we,” and half of the country — the dumber half, but that’s the Democrats’ base — would have cheered.

The mark of a liar is when he tells a lie — or, in this case, has a lie told for him — when the truth would have served him just as well. And there is no advantage for the President to gain by having this lie told, even if it is believed, because he can’t run for the office again.

Of course, accepting the responsibility when things go wrong has never been President Obama’s style; t’would diminish his aura of godhood. Perhaps that was the advantage he saw. That it was an obvious lie would never diminish his stature amongst the sycophants.

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