1. Another way of saying this:

    The United States was founded on a pride of Independence. You (meaning the citizens) were expected to take care of yourself, not the state. It was the dawn of the 20th Century that the Progressives reared their ugly head and were spouting out Socialism. It took the whole Century and Progressives like Wilson, Roosevelt (Teddy gave it a kick start, and FDR embraced it, then Johnson started the Wipe your ass program under the title of the Great Society, and now Obama not only wants the government to wipe your ass, he expects us to hold a bucket for the dependents of welfare to pee in it, and the idiots who are financing is the “us” holding the bucket and paying the bill.

    As Margaret Thatcher so eloquently stated, “What do we do when we run out of other people’s (taxpayers’) money?” You do what the BEP* has done in greasing up the rollers on the printers to finance “Fiat” money of the Federal (we really don’t have gold to back this insane program) Reserve.

    Get your wheel barrows fixed up with sideboards to fill it up with paper to by a loaf of bread.

    *BEP is under The Treasury and is known as the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. They are located on 14th SW, two blocks below Independence Ave. and just south of the Holacaust Museum. The BEP has tours to show how Fiat Money is made.

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