The Republicans cave

I had thought that they’d cave all along; I’m simply surprised that it took as long as it did. What the Republicans managed to do was to hold on just long enough to do the maximum damage to the party before they surrendered.

Our friends on the left are doing a victory dance, one that they’ve pretty well earned.

Well, it’s over. The White Flag has been raised.
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Speaker Boehner has been defeated. More importantly, the Teabagger Traitors have been defeated. As you may know by now, Speaker Boehner, early this morning, gathered his caucus, had Representative Southerland, who in a prior life, I swear to God, was a Undertaker in a Funeral Home, sing the Christian funeral hymn ‘Amazing Grace,’ all three verses of it, and then told them, per Robert Costa of the National Review, that he would rather throw a grenade than catch one. And so he tried desperately to craft a bill that will attract all Republican votes. Various add-ons and poison pills were bantered about all day, but in the end, the Boehner House Bill did not have the votes, and the bill, which was never really introduced, was pulled.

So now, Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell have resumed their negotiations, and according to MSNBC per a Senate Democratic source, a debt and budget deal that will avert default and reopen the government is “imminent.”

More gloating at the link.

The Republicans picked a very tough fight: they don’t control the Senate and they don’t control the White House. They had the weapons that they needed to win — the expiration of appropriations and the debt ceiling being reached — but only if they had the balls to actually use those weapons if the Democrats didn’t back down. The Democrats didn’t back down, the polls showed the public blaming the Republicans, and then, having picked this fight in the first place, they got just a couple of small, very small, face-saving bones thrown to them, but they gave up, quit, surrendered, just didn’t have the stomach to win the fight they picked.

So, the left are gloating, and they deserve to gloat: we lost the fight we picked.

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