The Republicans begin to cave

It took longer than I expected, but it’s no surprise. From The Wall Street Journal:

GOP to Propose Temporary Debt-Ceiling Increase
Plan Won’t Include Additional Policy Conditions
By Patrick O’Connor and Kristine Peterson | Updated Oct. 10, 2013 11:18 a.m. ET

WASHINGTON—House Republicans on Thursday plan to unveil a six-week increase to the nation’s borrowing limit that doesn’t include additional policy conditions, in a potential major breakthrough in the deadlock that resulted in a partial government shutdown and threatens the country’s ability to borrow.

The measure appears to deal with just one of two major components of the spending standoff. It doesn’t reopen the government, which has been partially closed for 10 days, possibly leaving that question to additional deliberations between lawmakers and the White House over a broader debate about government spending.

A White House official suggested Republicans needed to do more to break the impasse. “Once Republicans in Congress act to remove the threat of default and end this harmful government shutdown, the president will be willing to negotiate on a broader budget agreement,” the official said in a statement.

The official also said the administration prefers a longer-term debt-ceiling increase to the six-week version House Republicans are considering. “It is better for economic certainty for Congress to take the threat of default off the table for as long as possible,” the official said.

More at the link. But note how the Administration has said that the Republicans need to give up even more. The Republicans showed a willingness to compromise, and the Democrats immediately saw it for what it was: a sign of weakness. Their response wasn’t, OK, let’s get together and hammer this out, but to stand firm.

At some point, the Democrats will throw a face-saving bone to John Boehner, and it will all be over; the Speaker will call it a great compromise, in our national interest, while the Democrats will laugh at him as they celebrate their virtually complete victory.

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