Majority would vote against raising the debt ceiling without concomitant spending cuts

From Fox News, via Sister Toldjah:

Fox News Poll: Majority would vote against raising debt ceiling
By Dana Blanton | Published October 08, 2013 |

Soon Congress will have to vote on raising the nation’s debt limit so the federal government can borrow more money to make good on its spending commitments.  If it were up to the American public, they would vote no — with a majority saying the debt limit should only be raised after major spending cuts have been made.

A Fox News national poll asks voters to imagine being a lawmaker and having to cast an up-or-down vote on raising the debt ceiling:  37 percent would vote in favor of it, while 58 percent would vote against it.

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has said the country will be unable to meet its commitments starting October 17.

Most Republicans (78 percent) and a majority of independents (57 percent) would vote against raising the limit. So would almost all Tea Partiers (88 percent).

Click here for the poll results.

More than half of Democrats would vote in favor of increasing the debt ceiling (57 percent), while 38 percent would vote against doing so.

At the same time, 62 percent of voters want Congress to raise the limit only after agreeing on “major cuts in government spending.”  Far fewer — 27 percent — believe the limit must be increased and that is it “reckless” to even debate not doing so.

Even Democrats, by a 48-42 percent margin, are more likely to say spending cuts must accompany an increase in the debt limit.

By wide margins Republicans (77-11 percent) and independents (65-26 percent) would require cuts in government spending before agreeing to raise the debt ceiling.

More at the link.

It sounds to me that the public are smarter than our government. Even the Democrats agree that government spending must be seriously cut, though a majority of Democrats opposed the sequester, the only actual spending cuts made, while Republicans and independents approved of it.

Of course, given that the Federal reserve has been, in effect, writing checks on money it does not have, for a couple of years now, and those checks and other debt instruments are all being honored, I’m not certain why the federal government couldn’t just keep writing checks on money it doesn’t have. After all, everyone accepts the checks as good, and the federal government won’t bounce them, so why not?

Heck, given the way the government has been operating, we could reduce taxes to zero! The federal government would still keep writing checks, and people and corporations and countries would still continue to honor those checks, and the government wouldn’t return them marked NSF, so we can buy whatever the Hell we want, right, and not burden the taxpayers with paying for them!

So, why raise the debt ceiling at all? We don’t need to go into debt to spend more money than we have, right?

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