And now we see how Vladimir Putin snookered Barack Hussein Obama

It was just a quick tweet:

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Putin: ‘Israel’s nuclear weapons just make it a target’

Russian president: Syria’s WMDs a counter to Israeli nukes.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (Photo by Reuters)

By JPOST.COM STAFF | 09/19/2013 21:23

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that Israel’s alleged nuclear weapons stockpile serves only to make the Jewish state “a target” and creates “foreign policy problems,” AFP reported.

Putin’s comments came in response to questions from reporters on the US and Russia-brokered deal to put Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal under international supervision.

According to AFP, Putin said that Syria had developed chemical weapons “as an alternative to the nuclear weapons of Israel.”

The Russian president claimed that the “the technical advantage of Israel — we need to say this directly — is such that it doesn’t need nuclear weapons. Israel is already in a technical military sense several heads above the countries in the region.”

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Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin in his KGB uniform

The Syrians would gladly give up their chemical weapons, as would any of the so-called “front-line” Arab states, if by doing so they could somehow force Israel to give up its (supposed) nuclear weapons. And by letting Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin take the international lead on the Syrian chemical weapon problem, Barack Hussein Obama has managed, in one huge misstep, to cede the diplomatic high ground to the former Комитет государственной безопасности Lieutenant Colonel. What could possibly go wrong?

Israel will not, of course, give up its (rumored) nuclear weapons because, if she actually has them, they are her strongest deterrent against a couple hundred million Arabs who hate Israel and would happily push all of the Jews into the sea if they could. Letting President Putin take the lead on this won’t cost Israel her (possibly existing) nuclear weapons, but it will put our only real ally in the Middle East, and the only civilized nation in the entire region, in a worse diplomatic position. With the (purportedly) good-hearted and multi-cultural left being anti-Semitic at heart — see Robert Stacey Stacy McCain’s article — Israel won’t get much support from the (nominally) democratic nations of western Europe, and plenty of (ostensibly patriotic) American colleges and intellectuals and liberal think-tanks will be pushing punitive measures against Israel a little harder than they are right now.1

It’s hard enough for Israel to have to keep alert for the enemies facing her; when the President of the United States stabs them in the back, that just makes it worse.

  1. The only reason that the Democratic Party won’t make such sentiments a party platform plank is because American Jews are, for some (seemingly masochistic) reason, the second most loyal Democratic voting demographic. American Jews ought to be Republican in the same proportions that American blacks vote Democratic.

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