MSM Punts Again to Save BO’s BUTT

Where is the MSM on this news???? If Bush was still President, this would be a daily headline.

In Afghan War, 73% of US Troop Deaths Occurred Under Obama

Yesterday was the 12th anniversary of that terrible and terrifying day when 19 Muslims decided to show America the fundamentals of Islam. Their action was the unofficial launch of the Afghanistan War, which is a larger part of the War on Terror and which we are still fighting both overseas and in our own backyard.

The majority of that nearly 12-year war was fought during the presidency of George W. Bush, who, with the approval of Congress, the endorsement of dozens of other nations, and the partnership of Great Britain, officially responded to the September 11 attacks a month later. Since October 7, 2001, that war has continued.

It was a war that Barack Obama, then-candidate for president, referred to as “the good war,” in contrast with what he thought of the Iraq War, another of America and Britain’s responses to 9-11.


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