1. A friend who was also a former employee of mine was the day bartender at Windows On The World. I and another friend were to go to NYC that Friday to hit the COMEX and we were going to lunch with my pal. He didn’t make it. He was vaporized. Not even a tooth left. His nick name was Elvis and I still think of him. Obviously, we never made NYC that week. Took me a year to go back to NYC and I only went because I had to. My wife had to hit the S. Korean Consul to renew her passport.

  2. I remember the events of September 11, 2001 as vividly as I remember those of November 22, 1963. This year is the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination, and like the more recent murderers of Benghazi the men who murdered John F Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Robert F Kennedy have yet to pay for their crimes. And, although scapegoats have been publicly offered up to shield the guilty and maintain appearances, the insincerity of those substitutions is inadequate to still the restless shadows of our dead heroes.

    Remember 9/11/01, but remember too all the other unpunished atrocities we’ve suffered as well.

  3. ropelight says:
    Wednesday, 11 September 2013 at 16:11

    I remember the events of September 11, 2001 as vividly as I remember those of November 22, 1963.

    I’m the same way. In 1963 I was in the 9th grade, or Freshman year of a 4 year HS. We were in the last period of the day, Earth Science and watching a filmstrip. The principle came on the Intercom to announce what happened. All I remembered after that we all looked and walked around like lost puppies. I was expecting sirens for incoming missiles. Afterall, we trained for that all through school at that point. And I was expecting to tune the radio to Conalrad, the Civil Defense Channels. If you find an old radio, you’ll see two triangles on the dial. That was for Civil Defense. And we knew where the fallout shelters were. Hell, we didn’t know, we were 14 then.

    Kennedy’s grave a few weeks later:

    September 11th I was at work with the Corps of Engineers. Our boss came over to say he thought he heard a light plane hit the WTC. Fortunately, we had cable TV in the office and we all gravitated to the Conference Room. Then we saw the 2nd plane hit. I went back to my cube since everyone was figgity and had to do something mindless. I had my radio on, then the Pentagon was hit. That was tough for us since a lot of us had friends working the Renovation Project there. So, we awaited word from them. One was close to the hit area and had minor injuries. Our design worked since it kept parts of the building in place for about an hour allowing people to get out. And it was the first 20% of the building renovated. Hated to have our designed confirmed that way, but it worked.

    Then the rumors of a 4th plane, a 5th plane, and who knew what. Then we heard about Shanksville and Delta 93 going in nose first. Then they sent us home. Our New York District was handling the WTC site. We had input on the Pentagon and Shanksville which were in our District. Then we became the back-up District for NY and Philadelphia. I did go home early, well almost all of us did since we may have been a target. But I came back at 9pm for a night shift to help with people and supplies. Did that for three nights. A few of our people went to the WTC site in NY. And the rest is history.

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