Thanks to Robert Stacey Stacy McCain, I have discovered a new term, used by the National Institute of Health — which must make it official! — for lesbians: women of minority sexual orientation.

It would seem to your Editor that such an official, but less than completely descriptive term could cover a great many things. Bradley Manning, a homosexual man male, is now a male of minority sexual orientation. However, since Mr Manning claims that he is a woman, but there is no indication that his preferred sexual partners would no longer be male, why, presto, change-o! he’s now a heterosexual female, or a woman of majority sexual orientation.

Of course, there are so many other people who would fall under these expanded categories. Andrew Sullivan and Glenn Greenwald would be males of minority sexual orientation, but so would Jerry Sandusky and (the late) Jeffrey Dahmer, while Ellen Degeneres and Kate Hunt would fall into the same category, females of minority sexual orientation.

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