Generals Would Have Been Summarily Executed If They Spoke Publicly About Battle Plans

We have a serial treasonist in office. His loose lips will sink ships, literally. BO went on PBS last night and told Syria what our Battle Plan was to smack Assad’s fingers. At least now Assad can plan to be out of the way and maybe lure the Rebels into where BO plans to blow up an aspirin factory or a tent like Bill Clinton did. This reminds me of a scene from the movie “AirPlane” where Stryker tells his girlfriend the whole mission Plan and when she asked him when they will return, he says that was classified. Listening to this psuedo macho-man reminded me of when I was leaving from Ben-Gurion airport in Israel the grilling we received from the screeners, BO would FAIL.

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Obama Spills Military Strategy for Syria Before Firing a Shot

Posted by Tad Cronn on Aug 29, 2013

“If we are saying in a clear and decisive but very limited way, we send a shot across the bow saying, ‘stop doing this,’ that can have a positive impact on our national security over the long term,” Obama said.

“Clear and decisive but very limited” — let’s ponder that a moment.

Now, I could imagine a different president — say, Reagan — using a “clear, decisive and limited” attack to send an effective message. It would probably involve dropping a really, really big bomb on the presidential palace in the middle of a city — something just short of a nuke, like one of the infamous “daisy cutters.”

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  1. Knowing what and who Obama is means understanding that a military campaign is the only type of campaign in his life he wants to loose. It will all be Bush’s fault, the dysfunctional Republicans in the House, the Koch brothers, Chick-fil-A’s, homophobes, Christians or the Tea Party. No one else could possibly be at fault for anything. Just look at Detroit, Republican policy did that. And now that I’m Obama’s bro, I agree. Besides, like the Great Patriot (see once said: What difference does it make at this point?

  2. This is like a scene from “Band of Brothers” when the LT. told the guy that froze in combat saying he was afraid and didn’t want to die. The LT said, “We’re all dead, we jst don’t know it yet.” That how I feel about what’s going on. We’re all keeping busy to ignore the upcoming CRASH.

  3. Of Course this HELPS!

    NY Times: Putin Incensed by Obama’s ‘Bored Kid’ Remark
    Wednesday, 28 Aug 2013 10:42 PM
    By Cathy Burke

    A comment by President Obama that Vladimir Putin looked “like the bored kid in the back of the classroom” apparently “infuriated” the Russian president, The New York Times reported Wednesday.

    The comment came Aug. 9 at a news conference concerning a showdown with Putin over Edward Snowden, the former defense contractor who leaked top-secret details of the National Security Agency’s surveillance programs.

    Putin ultimately gave Snowden temporary asylum over the objections of Obama, and the president was asked about his working relationship with the Russian leader.

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  4. Obama can send a message to Bashar al-Assad by email, twitter, diplomatic courier, or directly with a one-on-one phone call. That’s how civilized people send messages. Launching Tomahawk cruise missiles against a sovereign nation isn’t the way we expect an American president to conduct affairs of state on our behalf.

  5. Obama can send a message to Bashar al-Assad by email, twitter, diplomatic courier, or directly with a one-on-one phone call.

    No he couldn’t ropelight because that way everyone from the IRS to the NSA would see the message!

  6. Were I to give more credit to the Obama Administration, I’d call it som sort of canny, deliberate plan. Of course, I have no such confidence in the Obama Administration.

  7. You’ve got a good point there ropelight. What difference dose it make if those agency’s see how deep in he is with these terrorist outfits? They’ll just cover it up anyway. It’s not like the NYT or AP would know. Oh wait, that wouldn’t matter eater since they’d be too busy covering Obama’s ass with the next edition of “Republicans are Bad, video at 11″.

  8. Is President Obama REALLY as inept militarily as he seems as he broadcasts his so-called strategy for Syria to the world, or is he cunningly sending messages to our enemies? One thing is sure: Our military men and women deserve a loyal Commander-in-Chief who has their best interests in mind and it is very hard to see that caring and loyalty for the troops in Barack Obama.

  9. Gretchen, if you want to know what the troops think of Barack Obama, ask Sean Smith’s mother. She’s got the 411. Obama turned his back on her son in Benghazi, left him and others to die at the hands of Islamic terrorists, and then lied to her face about bringing a video tape producer to “justice.”

    Benghazi’s dirty truth involves Obama’s secret gun running and insurgent recruitment operation supplying al-Qaeda in Syria with weapons and trained fighters. That operation was exposed on 9/11 almost a year ago. The recent false-flag chemical weapons pretext for using the American military to help al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood defeat Bashar al-Assad is just a continuation of the original strategy, (call it Benghazi, version 2.0) only this time instead of using Libyan proxies Obama intends to use our boys.

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