Florida should have to pay for this!

After the killing of Trayvon Martin, local law enforcement officials determined that there was no evidence that George Zimmerman acted in anything other than self-defense, and they chose not to bring charges. The hue and cry of the race hustlers and our other friends on the left, who absolutely insisted that a white man shooting a black man just had to be murder, forced a trial. The result? After a trial in which the prosecution presented an absolutely pitiful case, because they had no case, Mr Zimmerman was acquitted, which vindicated the decisions taken by the local law enforcement officials. The state of Florida absolutely deserves this:

George Zimmerman wants state of Florida to pay for defense expenses

George Zimmerman, left, with his attorneys Mark O’Mara, right, and Don West, as he arrived in court June 19 on the eighth day of his trial in Sanford, Fla. (Joe Burbank/ Associated Press)

By M. Alex Johnson, Staff Writer, NBC News

George Zimmerman will ask the state of Florida to reimburse him for as much as $300,000 in expenses he racked up successfully defending himself in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, NBC News has learned.

Zimmerman and his legal team believe they are entitled to the refund because Zimmerman was acquitted of second-degree murder July 13 for having shot and killed Martin, 17.

The shooting in February 2012 sparked a national discussion over racial profiling after Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer, said he acted in self-defense.

The motion, to be filed by Zimmerman’s lead attorney, Mark O’Mara, would seek refunds for the hundreds of thousands of dollars the defense spent on fees for expert witnesses and court reporters for depositions, travel and other similar expenses.

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Florida law states that a defendant who is acquitted is not liable for the costs associated with his case; attorney’s fees are not covered in that part of the law. If the state had accepted the findings of the people who were responsible for investigating the incident in he first place, there would be no such costs.

It was obvious almost from the beginning that the prosecution had no case. The media tried to obscure the fact that Mr Zimmerman had injuries caused during his fight with Mr Martin, and the professional media did just about everything that they could to make this case a cause célèbre, but the facts simply did not fit their meme. Some of the jurors stated that they wanted to find Mr Zimmerman guilty, because a young man was dead, but there was simply no evidence that Mr Zimmerman had acted in anything other than self-defense.

The state will, no doubt, resist, but the state should have to pay. It’s just too bad we can’t somehow compel Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and the other race hustlers in this case to pay as well.

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