Two minimum wage employees

There is a combined Arby’s/ Long John Silver’s fast food restaurant on Blakeslee Boulevard outside of Lehighton, Pennsylvania, across from the Lowe’s store. Other than the managers, most fast food employees are minimum wage (or very close) workers, and such places tend to have high turnover of personnel.

Such places also frequently have seemingly uncaring personnel. But, on the Arby’s side, there is an older woman named Loretta (I think), who is absolutely excellent at her job. She provides service with a smile, remembers her customers, and is unfailingly helpful. I don’t go there very often, but she remembered me, by name, and is as cheerful a worker today as she was on her first day, over a year ago. (I met her on her first day there.)

On the Long John Silver’s side, there is a gentleman, maybe in his late 20s. I didn’t catch his name, but he has neat, short hair and wears a Van Dyke beard. He is the same as Loretta: he hops to it, greets customers with friendliness and courtesy, and is as helpful as he can be. He hasn’t been on this job as long as Loretta, but I have seen him more than once.

If I had any kind of customer service business at all, I would hire them both, as quickly as I could. They are exactly the kind of people any businessman would want, people who are dedicated to their jobs and do their jobs well, even if they aren’t being paid a great wage.

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