BO Fiddles While Egyptian Christian Churches Burn – The Egyptian Kristallnacht?

Is this Egypt’s version of Kristallnacht


A massive, coordinated attack on Jews throughout the German Reich on the night of November 9, 1938, into the next day, has come to be known as Kristallnacht or The Night of Broken Glass.

The attack came after Herschel Grynszpan, a 17 year old Jew living in Paris, shot and killed a member of the German Embassy staff there in retaliation for the poor treatment his father and his family suffered at the hands of the Nazis in Germany.

On October 27, Grynszpan’s family and over 15,000 other Jews, originally from Poland, had been expelled from Germany without any warning. They were forcibly transported by train in boxcars then dumped at the Polish border.

For Adolf Hitler and Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, the shooting in Paris provided an opportunity to incite Germans to “rise in bloody vengeance against the Jews.”

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Meawhile in Egypt, BO’s Buddies, The Muslim Brotherhood is doing to Christians in the way the NAZI’s handled the Jews in 1938


Reported List of Churches and Christian Institutions Attacked in Egypt Since Wednesday Will Astonish You

Aug. 15, 2013 11:59pm Erica Ritz
A wave of devastating violence swept through Egypt Wednesday as the government attempted to disband the supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi from their sit-ins. According to the Associated Press, 638 people have now been confirmed killed, and nearly 4,000 are injured.

The fighting is far from limited to the Islamists and the military, however. Since Wednesday’s violence began, there have also been a wave of attacks on churches and Christian institutions.

Amira Mikhail at Nile Revolt compiled a shocking list with the help of Mai El-Sadany, Amir Beshay, “aggregating information that was shared online about attacks on churches and their institutions around Egypt.”

“Please note that this is a work-in-progress and information so far is unverified although most is backed up with tweets and photos,” she wrote. “We are hoping to continue the efforts to verify details. If you have any corrections or updates to church names, photos, or details, please reach out to or my twitter.”

Though there may be some changes made to the list, what has been assembled so far is staggering.

List courtesy of Amira Mikhail:

Father Maximus Church

St George Church | Burned | Source

Good Shepherds Monastery | Nuns attacked
Angel Michael Church | Surrounded
St George Coptic Orthodox Church |

Al-Eslah Church| Burned | Source
Adventist Church | Pastor and his wife kidnapped |
St Therese Church |
Apostles Church | Burning | Source
Holy Revival Church | Burning | Source
Qusiya Diocese | MCN

That is a small list of Christian Churches BURNED by BO’s BFF, The Muslim Brotherhood. See the WHOLE list here. Where’s Obama’s OUTRAGE? Hell freezes First:


  1. To be perfectly honest, I think that the President is doing about the best thing he can do here, which is nothing at all. He cancelled the joint military exercises, and he needs to cancel the rest of our foreign aid to Egypt. Then we need to let the Egyptians handle this all by themselves.

    In that, a great number of Egyptians will go to their eternal rewards, and a lot of damage will be done to an already poor country. Thus, it won’t matter who wins: whomever the victors turn out to be, they’ll have such a huge mess to clean up that they won’t have either the time or the money for making international mischief.

  2. If you look at BO’s Egyptian History he is somewhat, (or a lot) Anti-Military, and appears to be Pro-Muslim Brotherhood. Hassan committed “Work Place Violence” at Ft. Hood should be a big pointer of his direction.

  3. I disagree, we should have gone ahead with the joint military exercises. Right now, the Egyptian military is the only institution capable of preventing the Muslim Brotherhood headquartered in Egypt from continuing to topple secular Arab governments.

    Our open cooperation with the military services would have helped keep hope alive for the Egyptians who want to live in peace with their neighbors. A strong Egyptian military confident in the our support is the best bulwark available to arrest the expansion of fundamentalist terrorism in the traditional heart of the Arab World. Morsi and the Brotherhood overreached and got slapped down, now Obama is attempting to undermine the only Egyptian institution capable of preventing the fundamentalists from regaining control.

    Wait for news of a replay of the Administration’s Benghazi arms smuggling operation. If Obama runs true to form, and he’s as predictable as day following night, he’ll have already started using the CIA to funnel arms to the Brotherhood’s al-Quada fighters in Egypt.

    That’s another one of the reasons, perhaps even the primary reason, Obama cancelled the joint military exercises, he didn’t want a bunch of Americans military officers in Egypt who know exactly what the telltale signs of massive arms shipping operations look like.

  4. I was disagreeing with Dana, not York who’s comment is spot on. I’ll try to remember to refresh immediately prior to posting.

  5. Let us not forget a hero of Egypt, and peacemaker Anwar Sadat. Also, let us not forget who murdered Sadat in Cold Blood – The Muslim Brotherhood. It was Mubarak that banned the Brotherhood after the assasination and the assumption of people like BO was the MB were not a threat. But the MB just went underground waiting for their day. BO gave it to them. For those who forgot HISTORY 101, here is an excerpt about Sadat’s assasination. When BO said the MB were not a big deal, I knew that was a 20 ton load of 100% super refined unadultrated Bovine Feces:

    The Assassination
    French Mirage jet fighters, part of the day’s pageantry, screeched overhead at the very moment when several soldiers riding in a truck that was part of the military parade jumped to the ground and strode toward the reviewing stand. Most people watching, including, presumably, the people in the stand, believed the soldiers were conducting a pre-arranged performance. In a way, they were.

    One soldier threw a grenade while others opened fire at Sadat and his entourage. One soldier was seen in a semi-crouch, taking aim and firing. Pandemonium immediately broke out in the stands as people rushed for cover, trampling others who’d either been hit or were frozen in shock. Blood pooled in the stands immediately.

    Sadat was rushed to Maadi Military Hospital, where he arrived without a heartbeat. He was pronounced dead at 2:40 p.m. local time due, according to a hospital bulletin, to “violent nervous shock and internal bleeding in the chest cavity, where the left lung and major blood vessels below it were torn.”

    Hosni Mubarak, Egypt’s vice president at the time, assumed power and in a speech to the Egyptian nation seven hours after the assassination said that Egypt was “committed to all charters, treaties, and international obligations that Egypt has concluded.” That sent a sigh of relief whistling around the globe, but in Israel and Washington in particular, and less so in Egypt, where Mubarak used the assassination as an excuse to declare martial law. The law was subsequently referred to by its euphemism, the “emergency law.” It has remained in effect ever since.

    The Attackers
    The attackers included four enlisted men, an army major and a lieutenant. The major and two enlisted men were killed in the swarm around the reviewing stand, once other members of the military realized what was taking place. The rest were arrested. The attackers would eventually come to be identified as Islamist nationalists associated with the Muslim Brotherhood under the name of Islamic Jihad.

    The group was subsequently found to have hatched the assassination plot with Al Gamaa al-Islamiyya, a Brotherhood offshoot that would , in the mid-1990s, develop ties with al-Qaeda and be chiefly responsible for the 1997 terrorist attack in Luxor on Nov. 17, 1997, when six men dressed in black attacked tourists visiting the famous site in Upper Egypt. Sixty-two men, women and children were killed.

    Among the group’s leaders: Ayman al-Zawahiri, subsequently al-Qaeda’s Number 2. Zawahiri was tried and imprisoned for three years for his role on the plot, then expelled from Egypt.

  6. John, What Me Worry, Heinz Ketchup Gigilo, Kerry is really, really worried about Egypt – NOT

    Exclusive Pics: Egypt Meltdown Doesn’t Deter John Kerry’s Kiteboarding Adventure!Aug. 16, 2013 9:02pm Jason Howerton

    Things have got to be tense at the U.S. State Department as countries like Egypt and Syria continue to spiral into total chaos. More than 700 people have been reported dead since violent clashes began in Egypt on Wednesday, including at least 64 on Friday, and the department will face several key decisions in the near future that will have far-reaching implications for the United States.

    More here:

  7. One problem is that most of us (including, no doubt, Obama) know very little about Egypt. Which makes it very difficult to figure out what to do there.

    Unlike some conservatives, I never particularly blamed Jimmy Carter for what happened in Iran. The Shah, while pro-American, had clearly worn out his welcome. Or, in simpler terms, the people hated his guts. And we knew very little about the Ayatollah and the regime he planned to put in place. It was a classic no-win situation.

    And that’s what seems to be the case in Egypt. There is no “Good” solution, only solutions that are bad or worse. And that is the case in any country that is majority Muslim. Islam is inherently hostile to the West, and the only alternative seems to be a hard ass dictator who will rule with an iron fist.

    Perhaps the best thing to do is, as Dana suggested, nothing. At least, this way, we don’t piss off one side by supporting the other. Egypt is of no particular value to us, so long as they don’t make any overt moves to violate their peace treaty with Israel.

  8. Eric says:
    Saturday, 17 August 2013 at 06:33

    One problem is that most of us (including, no doubt, Obama) know very little about Egypt. Which makes it very difficult to figure out what to do there.

    One thing we do know, things ran better as long as the Muslim Brotherhood was suppressed, at least from the mid 70′s up to a few years ago. Let’s face it, BO has his wagon thoroughly hitched to the Muslim Brotherhood.

  9. As I was saying:

    Egypt considers outlawing Muslim Brotherhood

    Aug 17, 9:36 AM (ET)

    CAIRO (AP) – Egyptian authorities are considering disbanding the Muslim Brotherhood group, a government spokesman said Saturday, once again outlawing a group that held the pinnacle of government power just more than a month earlier.

    The announcement comes after security forces broke up two sit-in protests this week by those calling for the reinstatement of President Mohammed Morsi, a Brotherhood leader deposed in a July 3 coup. The clashes killed more than 600 people that day and sparked protests and violence that killed 173 people Friday alone.

    Cabinet spokesman Sherif Shawki said that Prime Minister Hazem el-Beblawi, who leads the military-backed government, assigned the Ministry of Social Solidarity to study the legal possibilities of dissolving the group. He didn’t elaborate.

    The Muslim Brotherhood group, founded in 1928, came to power a year ago when its Morsi was elected in the country’s first free presidential elections. The election came after the overthrow of autocrat Hosni Mubarak in a popular uprising in 2011.

    More here:

  10. Sounds like the Egyptian authorities are moving in the right direction. Under Mubarak the MB was often subject to official condemnation and it’s leaders were imprisoned on occasion. If Egypt is to remain free from the totalitarian rule of fundamentalists and terrorists, then it will be the Egyptian military who sends the jihadi Brothers to their god.

    That is, unless Barack Obama stabs the Egyptian people in the back, sends arms to the MB’s al-Qaeda fighters, and undermines the hopes of yet another people yearning to be free of the yoke of fundamentalist Islamic domination.

  11. Robert Spencer: “There Are Ties To the Muslim Brotherhood In The White House.”
    March 4, 2013 at 5:00 am / by Ann-Marie Murrell
    - See more at:

    PolitiChick Ann-Marie Murrell talks to’s Robert Spencer about the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House and the influence of Islam in America–including CPAC, the upcoming conservative convention–with’s Robert Spencer. From the West Coast David Horowitz Freedom Center event. – See more at:

  12. One thing we do know, things ran better as long as the Muslim Brotherhood was suppressed, at least from the mid 70′s up to a few years ago.

    Problem is, better from whose perspective? Having Mubarek in power was better from ours (and Israel’s) perspective, but, like the Shah, he wore out his welcome with his own people. Plus, what we DON’T know is how much support there is in that country for the MB versus, say, rule by the military or another dictator.

    Look at the problem in Syria. Assad is a thug and a mass murderer, but his opposition seems to have a strong Al Qaida connection, so, in effect, we don’t want either side to win.

  13. Mubarek did rule heavy handed at the end. But the Faustian bargain the people took with the Muslim Brotherhood made Mubarek look like a saint. First thing to remember is militant islam abhors any true form of a Democratic Republic. Sharia Law will not allow it. Sharia is probably on par with a Dictatorship with no options. Mubarek walked the line between the two while leaning a heavier hand of MB Suppression while allowing Christians and Jews a say in what’s happening. Morsi was all for suppresion but tried not to be public about it. He walked the fine line and leaned heavily on Sharia. Meanwhile, the military wanted what looked like a Democratic Republic to maintain their power. If you noticed the last few days, Civilians and the military are attacking the MB.

    But one thing is true in the total Muddled East. You get full blown Sharia, or a Dictator not necessarily wedded to islam’s sharia. Remember, Islam is not a religion that works in a democracy.

  14. Well, you just can’t win either way. I was in Egypt in 1973 as a little kid, back when they were a left wing dictatorship aligned with the USSR. We flew in on a Soviet built jet and landed in Cairo, where there were MiG fighters and SAM sites everywhere. They were preparing for a war with Israel, which broke out about 8 months later.

    Then came Sadat and detente (of sorts) with Israel, after which they became our ally (of sorts) and started buying our military gear. Then Sadat was killed, Mubarak took his place, and became, in essence, the Shah of Egypt. The military kept him in power, that is, until it didn’t.

    And now we’re stuck with God only knows what. If the military pulls a Tianamnen Square, the people will hate them. OTOH, it seems like at least some of the people hate the Muslim Brotherhood, too. Good luck to any leader, dictator or otherwise, who can rule that mess!

    Honestly, that country was better off when it was run by the British. They might not have had democracy then, either, but at least it was run by civilized people.

  15. BTW, York, thanks for posting that interview by the blonde girl.

    It’s no wonder the feminists are cranky all the time. Our side has all the hot chicks, their side has all the bowsers.

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