Curiosity of Phony Scandals

I’m finding it very curious that the Phony Scandals speech followed by more allegations of Lois Lerner formally of the FEC and now the IRS may have colluded the two Agencies on the stall of approving Conservative Groups, AND now we have this world wide alert to divert our attention, and more importantly the Diversion of Congress. As in we’re too busy saving the country to talk about PHONY SCANDALS. Just too Freaking Coincidental.


  1. President David Copperfield is just using more misdirection. He’s an artist at it. Besides, it’s all Bush’s fault. Ask Rebus. After almost 5years of Obama the supposed “income gap” that Rebus is always crying about is now the largest ever. Obama is killing the poor but to leftists Bush is still in office and it must be his fault. Bush also killed Detroit! Couldn’t be the 50 years of leftist Democrat policies that killed it, had to be Bush. Couldn’t be 50 years of corrupt black democrat rule in eastern cities that have driven them to bankruptcy, had to be conservatives (who haven’t lived in these places for decades).

  2. Bush had almost a month’s warning before 9/11, and he did nothing so we were attacked.

    Obama has been informed/warned by our security apparatus, and he did something, thus so far we have not been attacked.

    No matter what Obama does, he is never right according to our extreme right wing, well represented on this blog.

    Contrary to Bush’s inaction, contrary to the taunts from our extreme right, President Obama is doing the right thing!

  3. Banned sed:
    Bush had almost a month’s warning before 9/11, and he did nothing so we were attacked.

    Prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt. Prove he knew the attacks on the WTC were imminent. Prove he knew the WTC and the Pentagon were going to be attacked on 9/11. And don’t bother with that weasel worded memo.

    Obama has been informed/warned by our security apparatus, and he did something, thus so far we have not been attacked.

    Except for Ft. Hood, Recruiter’s Office in Arkansas, Boston Marathon, Shoe Bomber, Underwear Bomber, Benghazi, Cairo Embassy and a few others. Yup, they were all stopped by BO Security Apparatus in place. And in Ft. Hood today Phony Discraced Maj. Nidal said he was working for the other side. Some real sure anti-terror tactics involved with that. And since BO ceded Iraq to Al-Q, mass killings are up there also. Great work BO.

  4. President Obama’s breathtaking display of cowardice hiding behind women’s skirts while turning his back as brave Americans died at the hands of Islamic terrorists is hardly doing the right thing!

    Blaming his failure to provide security on an obscure video is hardly doing the right thing!

    Sending Susan Rice out to spin a manufactured tale of a spontaneous demonstration unpredictably turned violent when the truth of a coordinated terrorist attack was known almost from the beginning is hardly doing the right thing!

    Promising the parents of the valiant dead he would bring their killers to justice and then ignoring the pleas of the mothers and fathers for the truth about the men Obama left to die is hardly doing the right thing!

    Stonewalling Congressional investigations is hardly doing the right thing!

    Hiding the survivors of the attack on Benghazi from the press and from Congress is hardly doing the right thing! Nor is subjecting them to secrecy agreements, polygraph tests, and changing their names in any way doing the right thing!

    And, calling their ongoing ordeal a Phony Scandal is most definitely not doing the right thing!

  5. “Bush had almost a month’s warning before 9/11, and he did nothing so we were attacked.”

    If that were true he would have been drummed from office, tried and imprisoned for malfeasance and perhaps even treason. So obviously you’re a liar or a LIV. Which is it?

  6. Bush had almost a month’s warning before 9/11, and he did nothing so we were attacked

    The blithering idiot known as Perry posting under a false name and multiple IPs shows his idiocy once again. You might as well go full Truther while you’re at it, moron. After all, you believe the 2000 and 2004 elections were “stolen,” and at the same time find no cuplability with your fellow idiot Obama when it comes to 1) Benghazi, 2) the IRS scandals, and 3) Fast and Furious.

    The fact is, you’re low IQ political hack.

  7. Bush had almost a month’s warning before 9/11, and he did nothing so we were attacked.

    Obama has been informed/warned by our security apparatus, and he did something, thus so far we have not been attacked.

    This isn’t a Low Information Voter. this is a NO INFORMATION Voter.

  8. Perry wrote, Bush had almost a month’s warning before 9/11…

    How about providing some proof for that questionable assertion, Perry. And, do include some mention of Jamie Gorelick’s Wall. Here’s a little something to get you started.

    Jamie Gorelick and Bill and Hillary Clinton created Gorelick’s Wall to block investigations and to slow down and mislead inquires into the plethora of Clinton scandals by preventing investigative agencies from sharing information.

    Gorelick’s Wall memo decreed that the various federal agencies could not communicate with each other about active investigations even if they concluded their individual leads, evidence or other information, might be important to some other investigative agency. So in order to cover for the Clintons, Gorelick’s Wall effectively destroyed the functioning interrelationship among American investigatory agencies. The right hand couldn’t tell the left hand the bad guys were knocking down the front door.

    Outside of very narrow definitions, any investigative information had to be sent to Gorelick first (and the Clintons) for her approval before it could be passed on to an appropriate agency. Thus Gorelick was in position to stop any further investigation of the Clinton’s and their constant stream of scandals.

    And yes, Gorelick’s Wall stopped FBI information generated at the field level about the possibility of a terrorist attack using commerical aircraft against skyscrapers from reaching FBI Headquarters in Washington DC.

    And yes, it’s all documented, complete with FBI memos detailing the outrage at Jamie Gorelick for blocking them from doing their job, which both Clinton and Gorelick ignored.

    To cover her tracks, and keep her out of prison, Gorelick even sat on the 9/11 Commission, and made sure it determined that she did nothing wrong, nothing at all, (just like Lois ‘I’ll take the 5th’ Learner at IRS) and the Commission even specifically exonerated Gorelick by providing a statement that her efforts hadn’t enabled the terrorists, while the truth was just the opposite and everyone knew it, and by that I mean everyone who wasn’t trying to hide the Clinton’s involvement knew it as well as they knew Hillary took a tax deduction for giving Bill’s worn out underwear to charity.

    Oh yeah, and then Gorelick destroyed Fannie Mae.

  9. Peter King: Obama Message on al-Qaida ‘Schizophrenic’

    President Barack Obama’s statements on al-Qaida’s abilities have become “schizophrenic,” making it more difficult for him to build support in Congress to deal with the threat the terrorist organization still poses, Rep. Peter King Tuesday claimed Tuesday.

    “The president is saying the war against al-Qaida is almost over . . . What that does, it causes concern among our allies. It’s hard to generate support in Congress,” the New York Republican said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

    But at the same time the president is extending the reach of the National Security Agency “more than ever before,” in reference to the addition of new surveillance programs, facilities and employees, King, the former chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee and a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, said.

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    “It’s almost schizophrenic,” King, who has been outspoken in recent days in his support for the administration’s decision to close embassies in the Middle East and Africa, added. The congressman called the intelligence information that prompted the closings, which have been extended through this Saturday, “credible.”

    The Republican said he also continues to support the use of drone strikes, which he believes have helped take out and disperse the al-Qaida leadership. But at the same time, King said he found it “very troubling” that Obama still sends a “mixed message” on the strength of al-Qaida’s operational abilities.

    “That’s why it’s hard to generate congressional and national support for what has to be done,” King said.

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  10. When we as citizens have to constantly try to figure the truth from a bunch of garbage and lies “schizophrenic” is the least you can call it. Obama has created an entire world both foreign and domestic of a bunch of people who can’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth. There’s no “mixed message” at all. There is one message: Here I am, a liar, an inexperienced community organizer with no ability who rose to high position by corrupt campaigns, crony friends and a resume of deceit. He has not even bothered to try and keep his word to his supporters let alone the rest of us. Yet idiots like the The Banned One still love this lying creep. They are more loyal than the dogs they act like. And they continue to lick the hand of the One who beats them. Idiots!

  11. So Aetna is now out of Maryland and Connecticut. Guess if you were with Aetna in those states and “wanted to keep you insurance” you’re shit out of luck. Another Obama lie. Seems like it’s just one lie after another. And the dogs who lick his hand keep lickin’. Leftists think they can “make” people and businesses do things they don’t want to do or are not profitable for their owners by force. It never dawns on these dictatorial pimps to let free men decide for themselves.
    They added 16,000 IRS agents to oversee Obamacare….how many doctors and nurses have they hired? Don’t you think with 30mm new people covered we perhaps, just perhaps should ask who’s gonna service all these new insured? But then again giving people good care was never the intention was it. The intention was to enslave free men a bit more to the state and make sure the Dems stay in one-party power forever. They just can’t stand competition can they?

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