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It seems as though stories which involve race are dominating the news! Peterico has several posts up concerning the trial of George Zimmerman, charge with second degree murder in the killing of Trayvon Martin:

Patterico’s Pontifications is a law blog, so it’s not surprising to see that site concentrate on the most famous trial occurring now. Le*gal In*sur*rec*tion has too many posts to list, but has a good index of them here. Sister Toldjah has #GZtrial: State tries to discredit own witness after favorable defense testimony while Donald Douglas posted Ground and Pound: #TrayvonMartin Was Waling on George Zimmerman MMA Style. 

I haven’t been watching the trial or following it closely, but what I have read suggests to me that the prosecution is making a poor case because they have no case. Even the liberal websites, like Think Progress, seem to be grasping at straws, while the Lost Kos is presenting a grimly factual piece on he subject, since they’ve little to crow about from the prosecution’s case.

I would think that the jurors would have been singularly unimpressed by the testimony of the lovely Rachel Jeantel, supposedly the prosecution’s star witness.   This was a case that local police and prosecutors did not see as having any merit, and they weren’t going to charge Mr Zimmerman with a crime. The race hustlers entered the picture, and got Tallahassee to push a prosecution, but at least from what I have read so far, the prosecution has not yet been able to put on a case that would meet a preponderance of the evidence threshold, much less the beyond a reasonable doubt burden they must meet to win a conviction.

Still, anyone who says he can know, in advance, what a jury will do, is lying. But the thought that keeps occurring to me is: will Eric Holder order federal charges of violating Trayvon Martin’s civil rights if Mr Zimmerman is acquitted on the state charges? I’d bet a case of Mountain Dew that is exactly what will happen.

Another race case drawing attention is that of (now former) Food Network star Paula Deen. Sister Toldjah had The @Paula_Deen backlash: When is enough enough?

If we fired every public person who ever used the word nigger, we’d wind up firing all of them.

Nor could we ever replace them: I will bet you a case of Mountain Dew that there is not one adult, black or white, in the United States who grew up speaking English and is not in some way handicapped so that he cannot hear or speak who has not used that word. Mrs Deen’s problem: she admitted the truth.

Of course, it sort of depends upon just who uses the infamous N word. When the late Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) used the word several times, describing “white niggers” in a television interview, he simply apologized and all was forgiven. IOKIYAD.

Catherine of the Victory Girls has a different take on it:

The Paula Deen Witch Hunt Isn’t About Racism

by CATHERINE on JUNE 29, 2013

If you think the media and corporate witch hunt for Paula Deen is about racism, you’re wrong.  Even the guy she called ‘the-word-that-must-not-be-spoken-except-by-rap-stars-that-visit-the-White-House’thinks the racist thing is nuts.

The “foodie” elite have been after her for years.  The very idea that a Rubenesque, butter-lovin’ jovial Southern woman  could swoop in and grab a huge chunk of the lucrative food television/cookbook market right out of the bony fingers of bi-coastal very serious and boring food assholes…well, food assholes have been livid ever since she drawled, “more butter, y’all!”

Food assholes don’t like “real” American cooking.  And by “real”, I mean the kind where you go to Wal-Mart or the local supermarket to get ingredients that aren’t certified organic and chef approved, to cook good food that your friends and family will actually like.  Food assholes will rapture on about “regionally authentic” biscuits and gravy, but the biscuit flour better be locally ground from organic wheat watered by the sweat of unicorns and the gravy rendered from fat from heirloom hogs that listen to Avett Brothers songs piped into the barn.   And they REALLY don’t like untrained, uneducated, rotound, slightly unhealthy, Southerners that steal their epicurian thunder.  The minute Paula Deen sashayed onto the scene with her folksy talk and simple, available, familiar, non-precious ingredients to make sometimes fattening food Americans really love and eat….they’ve had it in for her.

Because food assholes are really food nannies.  They want to be the arbitrators of taste and nutrition.

More at the link. But everyone other than the metrosexuals know that the best food in the world is cooked by 300 lb black women in greasy spoon diners in the South.

About 40 years ago, a friend took me into a diner called Loretta’s Corner Kitchen in Lexington, Kentucky. I must’ve been the first white guy to enter the place in years, and I think I set off gongs when I walked through the door. It was a typical greasy spoon diner, with cracked vinyl covers on the stools, a well-used strip of flypaper hanging from the ceiling, and the walls and ceiling a bit dingy from years and years of cooking smoke, tobacco smoke and grease. I had meatloaf, smashed potatoes and gravy and green beans that were the best food this side of Heaven.

Jennifer of The Victory Girls links the two cases together:

Ms. Jeantel’s credibility was further damaged when it was discovered on Thursday that her Twitter account had suddenly been scrubbed-reducing her number of Tweets from 206 to 146. Unfortunately for Ms. Jeantel, she seems not to have heard about the reality of things being “permanent” on the internet since a number of news outlets have not only reported on the scrubbing but have actually posted side by side comparisons of what her account looked like pre and post-scrub. Why would a 19 year old testifying in a high profile murder trial randomly decide to scrub her Twitter feed you ask? Well it seems that her Tweets revealed further lapses in judgement and integrity. Many of her deleted Tweets discuss under age drinking (hers) and drug use (also hers), while also using many colorful cultural references-one of which has recently cost Ms. Paula Deen multiple millions of dollars.

So why am I picking on this hapless young lady you ask? In fact it is not her, precisely, that I am picking on. She simply happens to be the latest example of this incredible double standard we have developed in our society when it comes to race, language and integrity. Ms. Jeantel Tweets the infamous “N word” as a “cultural” reference and the world snores in response. Jaime Fox describes “killing a bunch of white people” in “Django Unchained”, and the world utters a collective yawn. Paula Deen, a white Southern woman who is sixty plus years old admits to uttering the same word thirty years ago in response to having a gun placed to her head during a bank robbery-and her empire crumbles in 48 hours. I am simply aghast at how we got here.

What, Jennifer is appalled by double standards? The truth is simple: if it weren’t for double standards, the left would have no standards at all.

From The Pirate’s Cove:

Climate Change Would Fail In the Private Sector

By William Teach June 29, 2013 – 3:31 pm

PJ Media’s Tom Blumer makes an interesting point about Hotcoldwetdry

Failure Deniers: Climate Change and Public-Sector Science

Tuesday afternoon, as I was reading Barack Obama’s Georgetown University speech on “climate change,” it occurred to me that the biggest and perhaps most consequential difference between the government and the private sector is how each reacts when reality doesn’t behave as expected.

The public sector does not have a monopoly on people who become irrationally wedded to ideas and programs which have become outmoded, obsolete, redundant, or worthless. The difference is what happens to such people — and in some cases, their firms — in the private sector when they stubbornly stick to their guns.

At a private firm, if a new product or idea loses — or is on track to lose — serious amounts of money, or if a research project is going nowhere, it gets killed (see: the Ford EdselNew CokeApple Newton). Those who fall in love with these flame-outs and blindly defend them even when the handwriting is on the wall get fired. If a bad product or idea isn’t terminated quickly enough, it has the potential to jeopardize entire companies, even large ones (see JCPenney’s three-tier pricing plan and HP’s 2011 Touchpad debacle).

But within government?

If a new idea or product is failing or initially seems destined to fail, bureaucrats, their corporate beneficiaries, and their cronies work to get them underwritten or subsidized. The fact that the government is even involved likely indicates that the private sector knows better than to touch it without putting taxpayers on the hook. This explains why the Obama administration has had losers like SolyndraA123 BatteryBeacon Power, and so many others in its energy “loan” portfolio.

Heck of a point. The private sector on its own would abandon so many of these hotcoldwetdry projects in a heartbeat. However, when government is throwing money around, they’re more than happy to take the money. Most of the pro-AGW research and findings comes at the hands of government grants, not solely private sector cash (except for few that have deep pockets donors such as George Soros, who fails to practice what he preaches).

More at the link. And Mr Teach also had this amusing item:

Horrified Bird Watchers See Rare White Throated Needletail Whacked By Wind Turbine

By William Teach June 29, 2013 – 7:59 am

But, as we’ve seen, most Warmist supporters forget that they’re cult is supposed to be based in environmentalism, and tell us that a few bird deaths are no big deal, not when we’re saving Gaia from catching a fever and having Bad Weather

(UK Daily Mail) There had been only eight recorded sightings of the white-throated needletail in the UK since 1846. So when one popped up again on British shores this week, twitchers were understandably excited.

A group of 40 enthusiasts dashed to the Hebrides to catch a glimpse of the brown, black and blue bird, which breeds in Asia and winters in Australasia.

But instead of being treated to a wildlife spectacle they were left with a horror show when it flew into a wind turbine and was killed.

The last time one was seen in the area was 22 years ago. What does a spokesperson for the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) have to say?

‘Wind energy makes a vital contribution towards mitigating the impacts of climate change, which is the biggest threat to our native birds and wildlife.’

Good grief. Do I really need to point out that birds have survived all the hot and cold periods during this inter-glacial, many which were much warmer than this current warm period? That they’ve been around for tens of millions of years?

The same RSPB was having a hissy fit over a bird cull at an airport the other day, yet has no problem with huge numbers of birds being killed by wind farms. James Delingpole notes (in an article I’ve had sitting in my Instapaper account) that the RSPB tends to care more about the wind farms than birds, in relationship to this same issue of the white-throated needletail

Again, more at the link. But I was reminded of this video:

From Robert Stacey Stacy McCain:

The Face of Cowardice: Theresa May

Posted on | June 27, 2013 | 32 Comments and 0 Reactions

Meet the hideous creature who banned Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer from England: British Home Secretary Theresa May, a disgrace to her office, to her nation and to every British citizen who ever lived. On June 25, this deplorable stain on the reputation of a once honorable people “personally directed that [Geller] should be excluded from the United Kingdom” because it is believed that Geller would “foment or justify terrorist violence . . . provoke others to terrorist acts . . . foster hatred,” etc.

More at the link. Of course, the land of our forebears, the land which gave us Magna Charta and representative government, has never fully tolerated free speech, at least not free speech in the way Americans think of it, the right to say what you wish, regardless of whom it offends.

From Hube:


From Rasmussen: 26% of Boss Obama supporters think the Tea Party is the nation’s #1 terror threat. NUMBER ONE!!!

Seriously ponder that for a second …

I’ve seen that study cited a lot, but the part that doesn’t get pointed out nearly enough is this: 20% of government workers see the Tea Party as the nation’s bigger terror threat, while only 12% of private sector workers hold that view. Your Editor perfectly understands why government workers would see the TEA Party as the bigger threat, because the TEA Party wants to see drastically cut government spending . . . and that is a direct threat to the jobs of government workers.

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