Ol’ No. 17 – The President Lincoln Steam Engine

This is a Replica of the Northern Central RR Engine No. 17. What is interesting about it is it is the replica of the steam engine used in November, 1863 that transported President Lincoln to Gettysburg where he gave his famous “Gettysburg Address” while dedicating a Military Cemetery in 1863 about 5 months after the battle there. It is on the trackbed that came from Baltimore, MD and lead to a Junction, aptly named Hanover Junction, PA where trains went west to Hanover and then to Gettysburg, or went north to York, PA. There is a picture where the train stopped at the junction and it shows Engine No. 17 and supposedly Lincoln on the platform. The train station has survived and well as the trackbed north of Baltimore to York. Today, the trackbed in Maryland is a horse, hiking, and bicycle trail, and trail in Pennsylvania is the same, but it also has one of the two tracks. Other than that, it also has one of the first RR Tunnels built in the USA.

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