How Did Code Pink Get Access To The National Defense University?

I had wondered how Code Pink had found her way into NDU which is located in Ft. McNair in Washington, DC. I know you need to have an official Government ID, a reason to be there, and a specific location where you are going. So, how is it that Medea Benjamin got a pass to get on a secure site? How is it she was not removed right away when she heckled Obama? The only rational (in a time of total irrationality) reason is she was invited to be a heckler by Obama. But of course he won’t know anything until told by the Press tomorrow.

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Code Pink Co-Founder Interrupts Obama Speech

May 23, 2013, 4:38 PM
By Julian E. Barnes

President Barack Obama’s big speech Thursday at the National Defense University was interrupted – loudly – by Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Code Pink, a group that has long protested the U.S. wars and counterterrorism policies.

While Code Pink members are regularly thrown out of congressional hearings, the security personnel at the speech allowed her to remain for a while. She used the opportunity to repeatedly criticize the U.S. policy on Guantanamo and drones. Code Pink also held a 50-person rally outside NDU, said Alli McCracken, a Code Pink organizer, who confirmed Ms. Benjamin was the protester.

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