The socialist economy left by Hugo Chavez

A hat tip to Sister Toldjah!

Venezuela has run out of toilet paper


According to USA Today on May 17, Venezuela has run out of toilet paper. Venezuelans can find paper towels and paper napkins, but they can’t find toilet paper in any supermarket.

Venezuelans are scrounging around for toilet paper because supermarkets throughout the country can’t keep rolls on the shelves.

Another source says that the problem is so bad that the Venezuelan government has announced an emergency order for 50 million rolls of toilet paper to help alleviate the problem.

Venezuelan Minister of Commerce Alejandro Fleming said that importing 50 million rolls would help the country meet its average monthly usage of 125 million rolls.

Looks like the fortunately late dictator Hugo Chavez, that great champion of the poor and the oppressed, has left Venezuela with an economy that isn’t worth [Insert slang term for feces here]. :)

Our good friend, the Limerick Avenger, put it this way:

    They’ve run out of TP, you say.
    A panic, this shortage in May!
    What can they do
    When they go poo,
    And they have no bidet!

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