We Have A New BO Maladministration SCANDAL – And It’s The IRS

Well, we got ourselves another BO Maladministration Scandal. This time the venue is the IRS. It seems, no, they searched for new Tax Exempt Groups and looked for “Patriots” and other key words and HARRASSED them for information the IRS is NOT suppose to ask for. It was plain law breaking INTIMIDATION. Today they said “They were sorry” for doing this. Let’s hope real soon they say “I’m Guilty, Your Honor” and go to jail.

IRS apologizes for targeting tea party groups


WASHINGTON (AP) — The Internal Revenue Service apologized Friday for what it acknowledged was “inappropriate” targeting of conservative political groups during the 2012 election to see if they were violating their tax-exempt status.

IRS agents singled out dozens of organizations for additional reviews because they included the words “tea party” or “patriot” in their exemption applications, said Lois Lerner, who heads the IRS division that oversees tax-exempt groups. In some cases, groups were asked for lists of donors, which violates IRS policy in most cases, she said.

The agency — led at the time by a Bush administration appointee — blamed low-level employees, saying no high-level officials were aware. But that wasn’t good enough for Republicans in Congress, who are conducting several investigations and asked for more.

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