Why Did Mooch Visit Bin Laden’s Son In A Boston Hospital?

A crazy story by one who tilts at windmills. :-(

Bin Laden’s Son was supposedly a witness to the Bombing in Boston. Why was Bin Laden’s Son their since his Visa to go to school is far, far from Boston. Why is ICE so anxious to deport him, especially when lawbreakers on the Sothern Border are pratically welcomed with open arms (both kinds). And why did Mooch visit Bin Laden’s son on Thursday in Boston? Here is a YAHOO News report that cites a Saudi Paper as its Source:

Saudi News Site: Michelle Obama Visited Saudi National in Hospital on Thursday
By Tiffany Gabbay | The Blaze – Fri, Apr 19, 2013

The well-known Saudi Arabian news site Okaz.com released a report claiming first lady Michelle Obama visited two young Saudi Arabian nationals — including one once considered a person of interest and who sources tell TheBlaze was being considered for deportation — in the hospital Thursday following the Boston attacks and reassured them of their health status.

Below is a screenshot of the Okaz report:

(See website for Saudi News Reporting this:)

Steven Miller, a researcher at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, translated the Arabic-language article into English for TheBlaze.

“Yesterday, Michelle Obama, the wife of the American President, visited the Saudis in the hospital who were injured in the Boston bombing, Abdul Rahman Ali Isa al-Salmi al-Harbi and Noura Khaled Saleh al-Ajaji, to reassure them of their health,” begins the article before explaining the students’ injuries.

Read and see more here:


It just gets curiouser and couriser.

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