MD The New Tax Capital of the Country, and Now Laughingstock for its RAIN TAX

Subtitle: I’m glad I escaped in 1974 before I went BROKE. Now MD has a RAIN TAX. For Home Owners in 9 of the 23 Counties they will be taxed for water run-off on Impervious Surfaces like roofs, driveways, etc. Here’s the horror story:

The new welcome sign:


  1. You know Yorkshire, when I read of this type of stupidity I think “corruption”. I’ve always thought when one puts a quarter in a parking meter or pays for a bridge or road toll that in some bank account in the Caymans an account goes “Cha-ching”. This is just another one. An invisable “tax” syphoned off the people going…..somewhere? I mean after all, if gas taxes were supposed to “maintain infrastructure” why the hell is the infrastructure so bad (according to liberals)? Where’s the money, honey?

  2. Don’t buy Gas in MD, July 1st it will give you GAS$$$$$$. The gas tax will go up 4 cents, and tax will be indexed to inflation after that. Plus the thieves will add their 6% SALES TAX on top of that. So now if gas is $3.96, it goes to $4.00 + $0.24 Sales Tacks for $4.24/ gallon overnight.

  3. My fear on this Rain Tax is it will spread to every state on the Chesapeake Bay watershed. That includes 50% of PA, about 15% of NY, 15% of DE, about 30% of WV and over 50% of VA

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