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Ashley Judd tweeted:

Hat tip to Chicks on the Right, who wrote:

Seriously? A multi-millionaire is going to try to act as though she’s concerned about paying Saturday prices for a plumber?

If this is Ashley’s way of trying to endear herself to the people of Kentucky, by acting like she shares their everyday, regular struggles, then she is HIGH. Especially considering that she so LOVES to talk about how she used to be one of the highest paid actresses ever in the history of ever and always.

The Chicks noted one of the replies:

To which the Chicks responded:

Yup. All of those Republican contractors are overhyped and overpriced, y’all. Didn’t you know?

I don’t know about you, but typically when I hire a contractor, I don’t ask them their political ideology.

Well, let me help them with that: most business owners are Republicans! They are Republicans because they do something really radical like work for a living, and they are Republicans because they are mostly opposed to all of the impediments and burdens the Democrats are placing on businesses — especially small businesses, like most plumbers — and they are mostly Republicans because they understand something about business, much of their knowledge earned as well as learned.

Of course, if the lovely Mrs Franchitti really wanted to show commonality with the people of Kentucky, she’d have fixed the leak herself. That’s what most Kentucky homeowners would do if they possibly could.

Still, one would think that Mrs Franchitti, potentially running for the Senate from Kentucky as a (very liberal) Democrat, wouldn’t have any objections to paying Saturday plumbers’ prices. After all, plumbers are working men, out doing a frequently thankless and nasty job,1 and the Democrats, who claim to be the party of the working man, should want to see working men like the plumber who came to Mrs Franchitti’s rescue fairly compensated. Or doesn’t she believe that plumbers ought to get overtime for having to come out to her house2 on a weekend?

No hypocrisy on her part, huh?

  1. One plumber who was a friend of mine said that he got the big bucks because he was willing to stick his hands in other people’s (insert slang term for feces here). :)
  2. Which is in Tennessee, not Kentucky.

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