From Around the Blogroll: Midweek Edition

This week has seen a lot of great stuff from our friends around the blogroll!

Kate of the Victory Girls spotted how conservatives have highjacked the #askFLOTUS hashtag on Twitter. If you are unfamiliar with Twitter, a hashtag is like a subject category for Twitter and other social media messages, which allows the media users to search for messages on a particular topic. I liked this one:


Karen has the photo of the manual of ObaminableCare regulations. If this thing falls on you, you’ll need a doctor!

William Teach noted that “green” cars might not be quite as green as you think.

Sister Toldjah, among others, tells us about the court decision that invalidated Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s ban on sugared drinks larger than 16 ounces.

From Patterico: NYT: Obama First to Deliberately Kill American Citizen Without Trial Since the Civil War. A good discussion ensues.

Robert Stacey Stacy McCain pointed out just how well Democrats have done running the city of Detroit. An auditor discovered that things are a lot worse than was evident on the surface. Former Mayor Kwame Brown will be getting free government housing soon, and Rahm Emanuel is happy: thanks to Detroit, his city doesn’t seem quite as bad!

Donald Douglas noted the attacks on Colorado rape victim Amanda Collins. Miss Collins testified that, had she been armed, she might not have been raped; the gun-grabbing Democrats excoriated her.

There is apart of this which is being ignored: for our friends on the left, rape is bad, but not as bad as killing, and, to put it far more bluntly than they ever would, the victim of rape (usually) survives. They would rather see a woman survive a rape, and the rapist live as well, than the woman not get raped at the price of killing the attempted rapist.

This is the part which needs to be publicized, but hasn’t been. Once it is, all of their arguments are shredded.

Hube at the Colossus of Rhodey relates the story of the chaplain awarded the Bronze Star for creating a PowerPoint presentation. Well, he was in the Chair Force! And it fits right in with the Distinguished Warfare Medal, for drone pilots, which outranks the Bronze Star with Valor device.

L D Jackson’s problem with our President? He just plain doesn’t trust him, to tell the truth or do the right thing. In that, we are in agreement.

Today is the beginning of the conclave which will elect the next pope, and we will be treated a a seemingly endless series of stories and prognostications and claims about whom will be elected the next pope, almost all of them from a political rather than religious perspective. I recommend the site GetReligion, which does a great job not at covering religion and not at covering politics, but covering how journalists cover religion. A simple truth: most journalists simply do not understand religion.

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