Socialist Condition? Hugo Chavez is Brain Dead or Dead – Minor Distinction – Revised and Bumped, Now He is DEAD

3/5/13 Revision – Chavez has bit the dust. Wonder how he’ll like shoveling coal. He had training in really shoveling it. May he rest in Pieces.

At first I read he was brain dead, but that is a Socialist/Marxist condition usually. Wonder how BO will take this news? He was his friend as far as I can tell. But one less dictator to deal with in the world.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013Hugo Chavez is Dead: CNN Report
Posted by Aurelius at 7:51 PM

This is from CNN: Chile. This is a rough translation:

Guillermo Cochez, a Panamanian politician, says the president of Venezuela is deceased.

Talking with CNN Chile, the former ambassador said that on December 30 President Chavez had been declared brain dead in Cuba, returning to Venezuela eventually in that state. Therefore Chavez could not have been visited by the various leaders who reportedly met him…

The information obtained by the former diplomat says are “sources within the Venezuelan government” and that is information that has been circulating for weeks…

Guillermo also said Chavez died four days ago and asked her daughters to disconnect the ventilator which was connected to survive.

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