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  1. Obama was reelected against all odds because his opposition, the GOP, was so busy infighting and taking stances on who was the MOST correct on one issue or another–a clear victory for Obama’s Divide and Conquer strategy. Tens of thousands of Republicans stayed home because they disagreed with Romney on a single issue or because they were licking their wounds following an especially long and bitter primary season. Some Republicans proudly voted for a third party candidate and bragged about their “principled” votes. One especially vocal GOP candidate–Ron Paul–refused to endorse Romney and Paul’s ardent supporters demonstrated their loyalty by either refusing to vote or even actively campaigning against the GOP nominee. All that preening and pontification by the single-issue or (and it’s a fact) anti-Mormon Republican voters demonstrated the SUCCESS of Obama’s “leadership.”

    Obama continues to “lead” using division among his rivals as his strongest weapon.

    Obama is employing the same divide-and-conquer techniques on gun control, forcing of mandates of ObamaCare, gay rights issues, women’s issues, illegal immigration, voters’ rights, and, of course, the Sequester and the rest of his falthering economy. To Obama’s delight, Republicans are attacking fellow Republicans with even more ferocity than they are attacking Democrats.

    Obama’s style of “leadership” has been almost 100% successful for him and it will continue to be successful as long as Republicans remain at odds within the party. We can wring our hands and dither–but we will not prevail until we can find a way to achieve unity based on reason, principles and common goals.

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