Rick Perry says to firearms manufacturers, “C’mon down!”

Long-time readers of THE FIRST STREET JOURNAL may recall that my support for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination initially went to Governor Rick Perry (R-TX). Governor Perry proved to be a poor candidate, but he has remained a great governor, and would certainly have made a better president than the man who holds that position now!

Rick Perry Invites Gun Manufacturers to Set Up Shop in Texas

@ArletteSaenz | Follow on Twitter | Feb 22, 2013 2:00pm

Texas Governor Rick Perry is sending a recruitment message to gun and ammunition manufacturers — set up shop in Texas.

Perry sent letters to 26 gun and ammunition manufacturers earlier this month inviting them to consider a move to Texas if the states they currently operate in impose “restrictive laws” on their industry, according to a copy of the letter and list of the manufacturers provided to ABC News by the governor’s office.

“A number of states in the United States are seriously considering restrictive laws impacting firearms manufacturers.  While I support the efforts of law enforcement to identify, apprehend, prosecute and punish criminals who use firearms in the commission of their crimes, I do not believe that imposing additional requirements or restrictions on businesses is the correct approach,” Perry wrote in the letter, which was dated Feb. 7.

“As you consider your options for responding to unwarranted government intrusion into your business, you may choose to consider relocating your manufacturing operations to a state that is more business-friendly.  There is no other state that fits the definition of business-friendly like Texas,” Perry wrote, pointing out financial incentives the state offers companies.

More at the link. Yorkshire recently noted State Farm’s possible relocation from high-tax business unfriendly Illinois, while we have already noted the business exodus from the Pyrite State. Now, Governor Perry, who has already been recruiting other businesses from California to move to the Lone Star State, sensibly champions not only Texas’ support for the Second Amendment, but demonstrates the good economic sense which goes with it.

Speaker of the Mississippi House of Representatives Philip Gunn made a similar overture Thursday, inviting 14 gun manufacturers to his state. He said, “Gun manufacturers are under attack in anti-Second Amendment states.”

One manufacturer which both Perry and Gunn reached out to is Magpul Industries Corp., based in Erie, Colorado.  Magpul, which the Denver Post reported was “Colorado’s largest and most profitable manufacturer of high-capacity ammunition magazines,” has said it might move its shop to another state if Colorado enacts four new gun bills which passed the Colorado House of Representatives earlier this week.  Vice President Joe Biden phoned Colorado lawmakers last week, encouraging them to vote for the four bills, a White House aide confirmed.

Magpul placed a full-page ad in the Denver Post on Sunday.  “A magazine ban will do more than hurt public safety in a free Colorado.  It will force a Colorado company to leave the state,” the ad read.

ABC News reached out to Magpul for comment on the overtures made by other states, but a spokesman did not immediately respond.  In a Facebook post on Tuesday, the company said it’s still considering its options as the Colorado gun control bill heads to the state Senate for a vote.

If only our friends on the left would look at the actual evidence:

NO ONE SHOW JOE SALAZAR: The One Chart That Says It All About Women and Safety

One university in Colorado legalized concealed carry on campus in 2003. And here’s what happened to sex offenses on campus:

Paging Mister Salazar. Mister Salazar. You have a telephone call at the front desk.

Hat tip to William Teach, who also noted a Forbes study which determined the twenty most miserable cities in which to live in the United States, and, to no one’s surprise, they are all completely controlled by Democrats, and most are in states carried by President Obama last November. Chicago, the hometown of our illustrious President, was the fourth worst city, has some of the most stringent gun control ordinances in the country . . . and a sky-high murder rate, a murder rate which is moving in the opposite direction from the national drop in the murder rate. Why, it’s almost as though criminals don’t obey gun control laws, as surprising a concept as that is.

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