Poetic Justice: "Che" bombed, "Braveheart" got Best Picture Oscar

Posted earlier today on the IMDb.com website for the movie “Che”, filmed by a famous director whose name I won’t dignify by mentioning here.

Promotional poster for Che

Apparently this movie (well, both of them, actually) completely bombed at the box office. Outside of a few ex-hippies and leftie grad students at Berkeley, no one saw this movie. And, in the time since, it has disappeared from the public scene. The fact that this movie has only 57 comments on this site (The Phantom Menace has almost 4,000) shows what little effect it has had on the public consciousness.

The story of William Wallace

In contrast, there’s another movie about a GENUINE Freedom Fighter that did much better. I’m talking, of course, about “Braveheart“. That movie became an international blockbuster, earned an Oscar for Best Picture, and his still beloved by millions of fans

to this day. William Wallace was everything Che wasn’t, a genuine patriot fighting against a foreign tyrant who oppressed and abused the people against their will. Che was a faux revolutionary who, after helping turn one country (Cuba) into a totalitarian dictatorship, then went abroad and tried to use force to impose his evil ideology on the people of other countries, who, to their credit, wanted none of it.

In sum, Wallace was the Real Deal, and is still an inspiration to true freedom lovers to this day. Che was just another Marxist turd, a megalomaniac with a Messiah complex, a guy whose image appears on the T-shirts of assorted self-proclaimed “Hipsters” and pseudo-intellectuals who think Cuba is great because they have government run health care but, rather than move there and enjoy the fruits of the great People’s Workers’ Paradise, sit here at home and write angry screeds about the very country (America) that, quite

unlike Castro’s Cuba, gives them the freedom of speech to do so.

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