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It should have been a busy day for your Editor, working on the kitchen project, thus giving him an excuse for a less-commentary-than-usual From Around the Blogroll post, but te truth is that he has been a lazy scum today!

Patterico noted that if the draconian “cut” in the spending for the Department of Transportation goes through, the DoT will spend more in FY2013 than the previous year:

A $600 million increase is termed a $1 billion “cut” and they’re talking about sending air traffic controllers home. I call B.S.

William Teach noted that James Hansen, physicist, astronomer and adjunct professor at Columbia University’s Earth Institute, traveled to Santa Fe, doubtlessly by fossil fueled conveyance, to call for massively higher taxes on fossil fuels to make them more expensive than other forms of energy. Dr Hansen said:

This would affect your lifestyle and you could make changes. When you get your new car, you better consider a more efficient one. … Are you going to commute 50 miles a day every day?

Apparently you’l also need to buy a new house, too, if your home is too far away from where you work. Of course, we could solve that problem by requiring al industries to put up massive, Soviet-style apartment buildings surrounding their factories, homes for their proletariat, and you’d beter like your co-workers, because you’ll probably be required to marry one of them; can’t have your wife working too far away, can we?

Karen wrote that even Bob Woodward, not exactly a radical reich-winger, has documented that President Obama has been lying through his scummy teeth about who proposed the sequester he is now so very much against.

Jennifer of the Victory Girls asked . . . and answered . . . the question: how can we spot a real hero in our midst?

L D Jackson said that he might have been wrong about the effectiveness of the $821 billion stimulus plan, that it very well might have helped the economy . . . China’s economy, that is! However, he made a bit of an error:

It’s bad enough that we have burned through so much money with the Obama stimulus, but it irks me even more that the Chinese could be benefiting from American taxpayer dollars.

That’ll be in the future, because in the present we borrowed the money from China to stimulate the Chinese economy. Think of it as Keynesian economics for China, with our kids paying the bill for them in the future. :(

William Jacobson of Le*gal In*sur*rec*tion points out that Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is either a conspiracy theorist or an idiot, not that there is much of a difference between the two.

Felix at the Colossus of Rhodey caught a glaring omission: in an article in the supposedly intellectual journal The Atlantic on teacher dissatisfaction, they somehow neglected to mention teachers’ number one complaint, deteriorating student behavior and increased student disrespect.

Robert Stacey Stacy McCain, himself formerly a reporter for the Washington Times, noted that the Washington elite: politicians, regardless of party, government officials and bureaucrats and the journalists who supposedly report on the government’s activities, are a homogeneous mass, with a group-think mentality which separates them from the rest of the country:

You only notice this, however, if you come to D.C. after having worked somewhere else. I had more than a decade of small-town journalism under my belt before I came to Washington in 1997, so I noticed the weird conformity of the place, the general sameness of background that typifies bureaucratic personalities. However, most of the apparatchik class have never worked anywhere else: They interned in D.C. while in college, came to work in Washington immediately after graduation, and therefore lack any useful perspective on what life is like outside the bubble.

The bubble of insularity will be burst for some of them, but only when they discover that they are the ones who have lost their jobs in the Obama economy . . . and by then, their voices won’t be heard; no one who is still part of the Washington media will pay attention to someone who obviously couldn’t cut it, or he’d still have a job.

Phineas sheds a tear for the poor Hezbollah patriots, who were unjustly attacked by the Syrian rebels.

Sister Toldjah pointed out a rather glaring omission by The Chicago Tribune.

Donald Douglas wrote about the idiocy of political correctness stifling real intellectual study and debate.

Darleen Click on Protein Wisdom noted the story that some companies are responding to the increased costs mandated by the lyingly named Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act by declining to offer health insurance coverage to spouses of their employees, even though they will be required to cover the employees’ children up through age 26.

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