Another one in Basic Combat Training

The son of Robert Stacey Stacy McCain is in Basic Combat Training, having enlisted under the rigorous 18X program. The elder Mr McCain received a five-minute phone call from his son, something I know very well about from when my daughters were in Basic Combat Training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. BCT soldiers can write as many snail-mail letters as they can find the time to write, and will start to receive letters after they have been in BCT for a couple of weeks; parents won’t even know to what address to send letters initially, though there is an emergency contact at every Army BCT base.

Elaine and I lived for those letters through BCT for both of our daughters; after red phase was over, they might be allowed a five-minute phone call on Saturday or Sunday, as long as someone in their unit hadn’t fouled up. In the Army, when one soldier fouls up, the whole unit pays for it. And I still have their letters from BCT!

Readers of the old site had to put up with all of my articles on our daughters’ letters from BCT; I’m guessing that Mr McCain’s readers will be seeing a lot of those articles from him as well.