My Letter to Michael Medved

Hi Medved;

Caught part of your interview with the porcine Karl Rove today. To be blunt, Rove and his ilk are now part of the problem, not part of the solution. Rove is, at best a has-been, living off past glories, but unable (or unwilling) to adapt to today’s political realities. And

at worst, he’s the classic game playing member of the Washington insider politico-media “Elite”. It is no wonder the Tea Party doesn’t trust him. And even as a political mercenary, he is a failure. We all saw him make a total fool of himself on FOX News on Election night, when all his supposed expertise and mastery of numbers failed him utterly, and it fell to Megyn Kelly to knock some reality into that chrome dome skull of his.

Point is, Rove may have been overrated from the start. His claim to fame is he got Bush elected twice. Well, the first time was essentially a tie, and

beating John Kerry, a classic snooty East Coast liberal with no notable record of distinction was sort of like a fistfight between Sylvester Stallone and Woody Allen. And even then it was really the Swift Boat vets who really sank Kerry’s ship, not anything Rove did.

And let’s not forget the colossal failure of Rove’s American Crossroads SuperPAC. They spent how many hundreds of millions and got what for all that effort? Why Rove himself has any credibility now is beyond me. At least his old consultant pal Dick Morris has had the decency not to show his face after similarly misjudging the last election. Rove is not a true conservative patriot. No, he’s one of these guys who thinks – if you can just play the game cleverly enough, you can win, as if winning alone, rather than principled politics, was the primary goal. And, judging by the 2012 election, he can’t even manage to win, let alone lead!

In the future, anyone who supports or donates money to this pompous, self-serving fool would be better served using their money for toilet paper or Kleenex!

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